Akai S1000PB

Posted by: Anonymous

Akai S1000PB - 12/08/99 11:31 AM

Can anybody help me find:
1) A midi editor for the Akai S1000PB (Mac 68k) ,something to load samples from hard disk, assign to keygroups, save programs and send/receive from sampler [i tried MESAII, but it says "MESA cannot work with this sampler"]. NB My S1000PB doesn't have SCSI, so the transfer has to be done via Midi.
2) The OS upgrade (current version on my machine is 1.1)
Any help will be appreciated, thanks
Posted by: dwmusic

Re: Akai S1000PB - 12/09/99 06:47 AM


I have the version 4.4 software. E-mail me at dwmusic@enta.net