Posted by: alnegri

WHERE BEAUTYFULL SAX? - 12/24/00 11:43 AM

Dear friends,
I am looking for just one, but beautyfull sax and trumpet Akai sample (S1000 or S2000).
Can you suggest me a cd ?
Thanks in advcance.
Alberto Negri
Posted by: fvicente

Re: WHERE BEAUTYFULL SAX? - 12/26/00 03:39 PM

Hi Alberto,

Well, the Sax is a difficult instrument to sample well. You may be searching quite a while. The Quantum Leap Brass CD Set may be what you're looking for though. It has a nice breathy Tenor on it. The Trumpets and Trombones are where it really shines. It has some amazing solo trumpet and trumpet ensembles on it.

It may be a little expensive ($650 US for 5 Akai format CD's) but IMHO, it is well worth it.