Akai s2000, a good live sampler?

Posted by: Anonymous

Akai s2000, a good live sampler? - 02/19/00 01:00 AM

Is this a good sampler to use w/ a good hardware sequencer (maybe an MMT-8) in a live situation, and why or why not? I wold be using it mainly to load samples I already made at home or in the studio.
Posted by: cmos

Re: Akai s2000, a good live sampler? - 03/09/00 05:02 AM

Ive being looking into this myself recently and have come to the conclusion, you are going to need two samplers. You need two because one has to load up while the other is playing and vice-versa. Its the way Orbital work except they have 4 EMU 4xt's

also i would go for an EMU or a yamaha because they have more real time control,and better MIDI for playing live.
Also i would use a computer based sequencer