Akai S3200XL EB16 vs. OS 2.0 Problems

Posted by: Anonymous

Akai S3200XL EB16 vs. OS 2.0 Problems - 07/22/06 05:56 AM

I got an Akai S3200XL Sampler. I love it and found it especially cool, to send the drums out of my MPC through the S3200XLīs EB 16 effects processor for some reverb (since I dont got an EB16 in my MPC). This worked great til I got the OS 2.0 on the sampler, in order to use the MESA Software. But since the OS 2.0 is running, I can no longer use the external input of the EB16. Every time I route the inputs to any of the EFX or RVB channels, I get a nasty sine tone, that wonīt stop til I turn of the sampler. And this canīt be feedback, since I disconnected every cable except the power chord and tried it again, with the same results: the f****** sine tone, even if there isnīt anything plugged on to the inputs. The inputs themselves are fine because sampling still works. If I load the old OS (I think its 1.2 or something like this) routing externals to the EB16 is no problem, works fine. So I got only two options: Use MESA or use the EB16. But there must be a way of getting both...
Anyone got similar experiences or a hint or solution? Write to me please, or this gonna drive me nuts