Sold the Korg Pa4x

Posted by: bruno123

Sold the Korg Pa4x - 01/05/19 07:22 PM

My Korg Pa4x was just sold to a friendly SynthZoner. I have sold 85% of my stuff here on SynthZone.
That’s another reason for thanking Nigel for SynthZone.

My next step:
The end of January I will be a proud owner of a Technics Kn7000 -- bought from a SynthZoner. I was not sure if it was a good idea, but after listening to my old recordings I had to buy it for old time sake.

This is a happy camper. John C.
Posted by: Nigel

Re: Sold the Korg Pa4x - 01/08/19 01:39 AM

So pleased that it worked out for you John. I have bought gear off Synth Zoners myself.

Glad you decided to return to the KN7000. It really is a collectable keyboard. It is Technics keyboard technology at its peak.

Posted by: The Saint

Re: Sold the Korg Pa4x - 02/03/19 02:24 AM

Hi John, I will be interested in your reaction !!!!!
I have often contemplated upgrading to.................and PA4X has always been on my mind, so your reaction going the other way will be of most interest to me.
I am always trying to keep updated, just in case the KN7 fails me, but at the moment a PA 1000 looks interesting ??
Keep us posted please.

Ray dance