Tyros5 Firmware

Posted by: Audrey Turner

Tyros5 Firmware - 08/25/18 04:30 AM

Hello Everyone,

My question is - "what is the latest Firmware update for the Tyros 5 keyboard and, if necessary, how do I access the system?" I've recently changed my Internet Server and to date, I haven't been able to access the Yamaha Downloads site. - Thanks in advance

Audrey Turner
Posted by: Gunnar Jonny

Re: Tyros5 Firmware - 08/25/18 06:55 AM

Hi Audrey.

Looks like current firmware version is 1.13.

You'll find the downloads here, as well as instructions and other stuff:
Tyros 5 downloads

Posted by: Audrey Turner

Re: Tyros5 Firmware - 08/25/18 04:28 PM

Thank you very much for your quick response to my question Gunnar. I'll have another try and hopefully I'll be successful this time.

Cheers! Audrey Turner
Posted by: Giovanni

Re: Tyros5 Firmware - 08/26/18 10:21 AM

Hello Audrey , can't help you with info on the firmware update .
I hope you are keeping well …..best regards Giovanni
Posted by: TedS

Re: Tyros5 Firmware - 08/27/18 07:07 PM

You know that the Tyros 5 doesn't have Internet Direct Connection, right? I was very disappointed that they dropped this feature. But the T5 has some worthwhile additions too. FYI--Ted