Yamaha Genos on Vimeo

Posted by: Marcus

Yamaha Genos on Vimeo - 09/08/17 07:58 AM

Tim (from PSR Tutorial Forum) found this, apparently a leaked or sneak peak video into the upcoming Genos.


Draws questions, but looks authentic enough.

Posted by: Marcus

Re: Yamaha Genos on Vimeo - 09/12/17 08:57 AM

Vimeo video was removed, but same introduction video used in the new official Yamaha Genos website.


Posted by: Graham UK

Re: Yamaha Genos on Vimeo - 09/15/17 05:19 AM

The first TEASER as they call it is tipical of some marketing department with a young man just out of uni with no idea how to present a new product.
Better off doing TV commercials.