S970 Freeze Tempo

Posted by: btweengigs

S970 Freeze Tempo - 07/24/17 06:53 AM

The Freeze Box in configurations is checked.
When changing styles mid song it is supposed to keep constant tempo....alas, it does not. The default tempo of the new style kicks in. Is there another setting in configuration I am missing?
Posted by: btweengigs

Re: S970 Freeze Tempo - 07/24/17 06:20 PM

Ok...found it. Knew it...forgot it.

Function>Style Setting>set Tempo to "Lock".
Then the use the Freeze button to turn freeze on or off.
The change to the Style Setting will remain even after a re-boot.
Posted by: bruno123

Re: S970 Freeze Tempo - 07/26/17 06:52 PM

Hmmm, this is where you've been.
John C.