SYNC-STARTing a MIDI-Style-Audio Multipad (Tyros5)

Posted by: Marcus

SYNC-STARTing a MIDI-Style-Audio Multipad (Tyros5) - 10/10/16 10:07 AM

SYNC-STARTing a MIDI song-Style-Audio Multipad (Tyros 5)

Hi Friends
Despite being a bit under the weather, I decided to make some kind of tutorial video, describing how a Tyros 5 User can SYNC-START a MIDI Song file, a Style, and an Audio Multipad (see link below to, Tyros5 Sync.mp4 or Flash version). Also a MP3 sample song with my singing (see link below to, HowCanYouMendABrokenHeart_KeyDx2.mp3).

One of the Tyros 3 or 4 powerful features, is to SYNC-START a Midi Song file and a suitable Style, of course using the same time signature. The Tyros 5 adds the ability to add yet an Audio Multipad in this synch process. Also, while all three synced processes are playing, the Tyros 5 still allows everything to be recorded to the Audio Recorder for a regular recording or part of a multitrack recording. The creative possibilities are endless.

In my tutorial video, I am taking a basic MIDI Song file which I edited to use the Tyros 5 voices and using channels 1 through 8. A suitable style (DreamyBallad) was edited to sync using channels 9 through 16. This in itself is a very powerful way use up to 16 channels all synchronized to your live playing and chording. Add yet an synced audio file link (Audio Multipad) and your performance can become over the top and exceedingly versatile and useful for the one-band-person performance.

In this case of my sample song, How Can You Mend a Broken Heart-Bee Gees, I wanted to play the true chording to a suitable style and sing the song as a live performance. I also wanted to capture the closer essence and feel of the original Bee Gees song and the actual vocal harmonies from the original song audio.

The original Bee Gees song is in the Key of "E". I no longer have any falsetto voice left at my age, so I wanted to lower the Key to "D". The MIDI Song file was easy to transpose to "D", either in Tyros 5 Song Creator or I use the free PSRUIT program on my computer to transpose, modify or add lyrics and chord symbols.

I used the Sony Sound Forge program to alter the original Bee Gees mp3 song down one key to "D". The better quality audio programs will allow at least a reasonable range of +/- 6 semi-tones shift in the pitch, yet keeps the same length and tempo of the song (approx 69 bpm).

1) Modified the "HowCanYouMendABrokenHeart.mid" to tracks 1 through 8 and removed the drum track, added the corresponding chords, lyrics, 69tempo, and key shift on either the Tyros 5 or PSRUIT program.

2) Found a suitable style to play the drum track and other style parts, channels 9 through 16. (even though the style is synced to the MIDI Song file, the user has control over drum track Main Variations, Fills, and Breaks, while of course the other style parts follow your matching chording). The completed Midi song and style are placed in the same Tyros 5 folder along with the corresponding completed Audio Multipad.

3) To begin creating the wav Audio Multipad to create an audio file with just the Bee Gees harmony sections, I need to create a "template" song file. The template song file is an audio recording made on the Tyros 5 of my performance of running the song through with both the prepared MIDI Song file and style played together. I require the visual form of this file in a program to cut and slice the modified Bee Gees mp3 file of the required harmony parts to create the Audio Multipad file. (see photo, "Pinnacle Studio" below)

4) To create the Audio Multipad, I first shift the pitch of the original Bee Gees mp3 song from the Key of "E" to "D" in Sony Sound Forge program (or other audio program) while maintaining the same file length and average 69 bpm timing. I open this modified mp3 file in a video editing program call Pinnacle Studio, along with the template song file described in step 3) above. (see photo, "Pinnacle Studio" below)

5) In Pinnacle I can see and hear the aligned wave forms and audio in order to select, slice, align, and create the third wav file, which is the completed Audio Multipad containing the Bee Gees vocal harmony parts. Some editing is done to smoothen out the slices, with some equalization adjustments to emphasize just the vocal part of the harmonies while de-emphasizing the background music and beat. I turn off the template song and Bee Gees mp3 tracks, leaving the remaining Audio Multipad to be rendered into a wav file, which is exported back to my Tyros 5 and Audio Multipad folder. (see photo, "Pinnacle Studio2").

6) With the completed Audio Multipad wav file exported back to the Tyros 5, I create the Audio Link to that file. I try SYNC-STARTing all three files, the MIDI Song file, Style, and Audio Multipad to see if the Audio Multipad file starts at the correct time. Any starting misalignment can be corrected in Pinnacle again and re-exported back as the Audio Multipad wav link as the completed file. (see video tutorial below, "Tyros5 Sync")

7) All my synced MIDI Song/Style/Audio Multipad songs and files are kept in one folder, and instantly accessed through memory file links to one of the 4 Song memory buttons or file accessed through one of the 11 Style memory buttons. Each separate song with the SYNC-START armed, can be saved to a Registration save. Once the registration save and armed song is brought up, I can simply press the "FREEZE" button and after all the synced files start playing, I can toggle through all my registration voice banks and/or enter in and out of Ensemble and Organ World while the chosen MIDI Song file, Style, and Audio Multipad play.

No other arranger can do this. "Mind-Blowing" possibilities. Sure, it takes some preparation work, but once saved to your Tyros 5, your performance registration is all set to go for a recording or a live performance. Also all my complete songs and custom work would most likely be compatible to the next Tyros model and easily reworked to many upgraded voices and drum kits or additional features. My tutorial is a basic use of this 3-way SYCH-START feature, but far more complex arrangements can be done this way. Beautiful Duets like,...
"Natalie Cole LIVE- Unforgettable"
...can be made as a duet with the corresponding audio duet coming from an audio multipad or perhaps layer a synced full choir background or pro singer harmonies over you vocal during your performance. Hope I did justice demonstrating this Tyros 5 SYNC-START feature.

Regards, Marcus

In the following links, the mp3 is my completed recording with my vocals. Demonstrates how I can sing over the original Bee Gees harmonies and shifted to a lower key. There are two video tutorial files, one a mp4 (better quality) and a flv Flash version of the same video. The link to the mp4 version wouldn't play, but allows download, but on my computer the flash version played automatically. So if your Adobe Flash is up to date on your computer, the flv should play without having to download my tutorial. Hope video quality is okay, because I needed to keep files as small as possible.


Tyros5 Sync.mp4

Tyros5 Sync.Flash Video File
Posted by: Marcus

Re: SYNC-STARTing a MIDI-Style-Audio Multipad (Tyros5) - 10/10/16 10:10 AM

On the topic of SYNC-STARTing a MIDI song - Style - Audio Multipad on the Tyros 5, you can take it a step further. I have gotten more life, or rather more suitable songs to work with the Audio Styles by auto Syncing a MIDI Song file to just the audio section or the audio drum parts of an Audio style. The Audio style will still time stretch to the tempo of the synced Midi File. In other words, you can add the energy and live feel the Tyros 5's audio styles (or expansion audio styles) isolated audio drum part sections and use them in a synced MIDI Song file to replace the original MIDI drum track. In my example, I am adding not only the audio drum part, but all the style parts synced to my MIDI Song file.

In my example below, I pushed the capabilities almost to the limit, plus demonstrates the flexibility and power of this syncing process. I'll be using the same MIDI Song file, "HowCanYouMendABrokenHeart_keyD.mid" and syncing it to the same Audio Multipad, but now I am taking an Audio Style (TapDanceSwing-125 bpm) and slaving it to the synced MIDI Song file set at 69 bpm. Instead of playing organ parts from my customized OTS, I will just use the default OTS from the TapDanceSwing style. This is just a demonstration to show that an Audio Style can be synced as well. I had to use the unusual pairing of TapDanceSwing to HowCanYouMendABrokenHeart because of the swing beat match up, however slowing this particular audio style from a normal 125 bpm to 69 bpm, perhaps is slowing the audio drum section down to a point where you can hear the audio slices, but still within the range Yamaha allows their audio styles to be time stretched.

The last point here is, this really demonstrates the power of the Tyros 5 in this regards, I'm using 8 tracks of Midi, plus all the style tracks, Audio Style Parts, an Audio Multipad in perfect synchronization, singing a vocal, and recording everything to the Tyros 5 Audio/Recorder Player while performing live. My guess is, Yamaha will further develop the synced Audio Multipad technology or the ability of the Audio Link to use pitch and time stretch technology, repeat/loop, and layering in the next Tyros/Genos model. I can then take all my saved work from my Tyros 5 and be totally compatible to the next model and up-gradable to the newer sounds, voices, drum kits, additional styles, DSPs, and hopefully take my Audio Multipads to the next level with minimal or no extra work.


Regards, Marcus