Tyros 5 Arrangement. "Love Boat"

Posted by: Alan-Russell

Tyros 5 Arrangement. "Love Boat" - 05/07/16 09:26 AM

"The Love Boat" was composed by Charles Fox (music) and Paul Williams (lyrics) for the TV show. I scored it in the Disco genre applicable to the 1970's


Trumpet (S.Art2!) Lead Melody
Pop Soprano sax (S.Art2!) Solo Improv. (Full chorus)
Solo Pop Piano Improv (Chorus A)
Trombone (S.Art2!) Bridge melody

Romantic Strings
Sax Section
Pop Dynamic Brass
Pop Horns Mellow

Voices from the 70's Disco Style (Dance)
Acoustic Live Drums for fills and crashes (Live)
Electric Bass
Itopia Bells

DSP 1 Reverb Hall 5

Have a listen when time permits with your favorite audio gear and I welcome your comments and inquiries


Alan Russell
Posted by: bruno123

Re: Tyros 5 Arrangement. "Love Boat" - 05/18/16 01:47 PM

Alan Im from Technics and General Arranger forum.

I listened and wow, I could listen to that trumpet all day. My favorite that Im in love withis in the Kn7000. With our doubt the Tyros trumpet some steps above it.

Nice, John C.
Posted by: Alan-Russell

Re: Tyros 5 Arrangement. "Love Boat" - 05/19/16 08:29 AM

Thanks John...my latest work is in the psrtutorial.com website in the Songs Forum..My bandwidth has been taken out quite fast each month. If you are a member there have a listen and thanks.

Alan Russell