T2 vocalizer settings

Posted by: DerfMuisc

T2 vocalizer settings - 11/11/05 02:12 AM

I've had my new T2 for about week now, and it's living up to all expectations (sounds,
styles, etc) except for the vocalizer. So far, I think my old PSR2100 sounded better in that department. I'm fooling around with the mic settings but it still doesn't sound very good (tinny, thin, slightly distorted). Maybe that's just the way it is. Anybody got any suggestions about settings or other ideas for making it better? I'd appreciate it. Hope the wait is short for those who haven't received their new board yet. Thanks, DerfM
Posted by: ChokDK

Re: T2 vocalizer settings - 11/20/05 10:26 AM

I don't know the PSR 2100, but the vocalist in Tyros2 should be the same as in Tyros(1), except that the mic input is balanced, that should give less noise and thereby make a gathered better performance.
P.S I haven't heard any vocalist who could make a "sound-alike-real-voice-choir" yet
With Tyros2 you have the opportunity to make your own 2.nd voice, recorded from home - I guess I'll use that option later..
Chris Hansen/ ChokDK

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Re: T2 vocalizer settings - 11/20/05 11:14 PM

ChokDK. . .

I've adjusted the eq for the mic and it sounds a lot better now. Like you say, these built-in vocalizers are never really great, but better than nothing. I'll also try over-dubbing some vocals on the hard drive. Thanks, DerfM