Yamaha Question

Posted by: edinbro

Yamaha Question - 03/01/07 06:01 AM

will the DGX 220 accept all style files with the .sty extension
Posted by: Graham UK

Re: Yamaha Question - 03/01/07 08:18 AM

It will accept all Yamaha Styles, but not the ones containing Mega Voices made for PSR3000 & Tyros 2. These however can be easy revoiced.

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Posted by: edinbro

Re: Yamaha Question - 03/04/07 05:04 AM

Thank you for your prompt reply...up till now I have played Technics but I am pleased with the Yamaha I bought
Posted by: Jørgen Sørensen

Re: Yamaha Question - 03/07/07 01:02 AM


I am not sure the DGX 220 supports OTS and MDB sections in style files.

If not you can use my Style Old Format Converter ( http://www.jososoft.dk/yamaha/software/sofc/index.htm ) to remoce these sections.


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