Free style disk

Posted by: stanlondon

Free style disk - 01/28/06 08:02 AM

The free style disk is Top Trax 2 and he's extended the offer till this weekend.
Posted by: Carrie-uk

Re: Free style disk - 01/28/06 01:58 PM

Wow, excellent find! This is the first time I've used registrations with my 3k and REALLY enjoyed going through them all with the new styles. Does anyone know if there are any other registrations available to download with keyboard/voice setups?


Posted by: rattley

Re: Free style disk - 01/28/06 07:34 PM

I thought I found the free disk last week, but it was only a demo disk. I have been going thru the TopTrax2 disk for the past 2 hours. I especially like the registrations. They sound great on my Tyros2. I too am not used to using registrations...........I have always just been happy with the 4 OTS settings. These registrations seem to be so much better. The overall sound and balances sound great! The voices compliment the styles so well. I might have to try and buy some of the other styles. Thanks. -charley