Yamaha Tyros 2 (and 1)

Posted by: Craig_UK

Yamaha Tyros 2 (and 1) - 10/25/05 12:56 PM

Hi peeps.
I've just stumbled on an amazing site that does sounds etc for the Tyros (hopefully the Tyros 2 as well). Each sound has an MP3 file to demonstrate it and there are loads to listen to. Normally I've never liked Yamaha keyboards but having played the Tyros 2 for 6 hours 2 weeks ago and now hearing sounds on this site, which are the best I have ever heard from any keyboard, I think I am finally converted - WOW, brilliant stuff.
Take a look at the link

Click on Tyros then custom voices and follow links, enjoy.

PS Nice forum by the way and brilliant Yamaha links on here, keep up the good work.
Posted by: Fran Carango

Re: Yamaha Tyros 2 (and 1) - 10/25/05 02:07 PM

Craig, I'm sorry but I don't share your enthusiasm with the sounds from CD Soft..
I thought there were a few nice ones, but nothing worked for me....Also keep in mind, I am not a Yamaha fan...They are way down the chain of instruments I would want..

My preference is still Ketron and Roland, followed by Korg, General music, Casio[ just kidding I may put the Tyros before the Casio]..
Posted by: Craig_UK

Re: Yamaha Tyros 2 (and 1) - 10/25/05 02:27 PM

Being a Ketron SD1 and Roland G1000 owner the sounds easily compete with those, but each to their own. For me the SD1 kicks some serious butt but it's getting old technology now and I need something to go with it or replace it - this time something that works unlike my previous purchase, nothing being mentioned!
Posted by: Fran Carango

Re: Yamaha Tyros 2 (and 1) - 10/25/05 02:44 PM

You mean, your G70?
Posted by: Craig_UK

Re: Yamaha Tyros 2 (and 1) - 10/26/05 04:41 AM

Not G70, wouldn't buy one as I don't like it, prefer my G1000 over it. I was referring to my ex Mediastation.

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