Slowhand getting Laid...

Posted by: Diki

Slowhand getting Laid... - 11/22/20 03:55 PM

How about a little Eric Clapton?

Another audio backing, I'm on the piano and guitar solo...

Posted by: Nigel

Re: Slowhand getting Laid... - 11/23/20 02:11 AM

Love it Diki. And that guitar solo knocked me out. It sure sounds like a classic Fender Telecaster solo. So very tasty.

Posted by: Bill Lewis

Re: Slowhand getting Laid... - 11/23/20 09:19 AM

great performance and the Tele sound is right on !
Posted by: ekurburski

Re: Slowhand getting Laid... - 11/23/20 01:06 PM

This is good!
Posted by: montunoman

Re: Slowhand getting Laid... - 11/25/20 08:54 AM

wow, what a lucky audience you have!
Posted by: Diki

Re: Slowhand getting Laid... - 11/26/20 10:06 AM

Thanks guys.

Unfortunately, Roland don’t have a SuperNatural articulated Strat or Tele in the BK-9 (I think there’s one in the Integra-7) so this one is from the normal Tones, but it’s still fun to play, you just have to be a little more careful how you articulate the lines...

But more than anything, this goes to show just how impossible it is to play something like this while playing in arranger mode. Almost every note is bent one way or the other, it would be nothing like this if I had to play chords with the LH...

I love using arrangers... but not often AS arrangers! They are the ultimate live music tool, set up far better than WS’s to just go out and gig. But I’m afraid the playing technique for arranger mode stops me from doing what I think I’m best at...

Emulation is a two handed thing!
Posted by: tassiespirit

Re: Slowhand getting Laid... - 11/28/20 11:29 PM

Fun, to listen to and toe tap to as well, man you have a great voice.
Sounded like YOU really like play and singing that one!

Posted by: Diki

Re: Slowhand getting Laid... - 11/29/20 12:07 PM

Thanks. To be honest, and often to my cost commercially, I don’t play ANYTHING I don’t like to play and sing!

Strangely, for most of my career I never was the singer. I’ve had the great fortune to work with many singers that put me completely to shame in bands big and small. My solo singing only came through necessity as my area moved away from bands and more to solos and duos in the last decade or so. So thank you for singling it out... it is often hard to feel good about it compared to the greats I’ve worked with!

It gets a little strange on the gig when I’ve played my ass off on some song or another, and someone comes up and compliments me for my voice instead! But I’ve learned to just be grateful they’re saying anything good at all!