Saving Midi setup roland ea7


Saving Midi setup roland ea7 - 07/28/18 03:29 AM

Hi there. I need to change the midi channels on the "midi" page on the menu of the keyboard. Anyway, also if the manual says that when i change something on the menu, it will remain saved when i go out of the screen, every time I swich off the key, on the follow swich on I need to set the midi channels again. Does anybody know how to fix and save my personal setup for the midi channels to avoid to reset it every time I switch on the key? Thanks.
Posted by: TedS

Re: Saving Midi setup roland ea7 - 07/29/18 04:00 PM

I don't own an E-A7. But on the BK-series Rolands you have to go into Global and save the settings as part of the default Performance which is loaded on startup.

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