case for VA-7?

Posted by: ptmacaw

case for VA-7? - 03/03/04 03:08 AM

Can you guys tell me what types and models of cases you are using for the VA-7? I will need to get a case for my keyboard and want to buy something that will provide adequate protection. I will be hauling it about three times a week.

Posted by: Vadim

Re: case for VA-7? - 03/06/04 08:18 AM

Its always better to have case slightly bigger then the keyboard, I have a soft case for va-76 (one guy gave it to me) and my va76 barely fits in there, the zipper can even zip all the way. But if I try to zip it all the way then when i take it out on the display you can see how tightly it was squezing on the screen, it almost massed up my LCD so I never zip it all the way.