Question--G1000 to Digitech Studio Vocalist?

Posted by: John Z

Question--G1000 to Digitech Studio Vocalist? - 01/17/00 04:02 PM

I'm not too familiar with the ins and outs of midi, but what I'm trying to do is coordinate the settings on my G1000 and Digitech Studio Vocalist EX so that Tune1000 midi song files call up the right programs and harmonies, etc., in the Vocalist.

They work fine in my Solton X1 with its own internal vocalizer, but I can't figure out what the settings should be between the G1000 and Digitech.

I'm guessing this is pretty simple stuff for someone familiar with it.

Thanks in advance,
John Z
Posted by: Luc Janssens

Re: Question--G1000 to Digitech Studio Vocalist? - 01/18/00 04:13 PM


You will have to put extra midi-data into the midi-file by using a computer-sequencer.
I'm not familiar with midi-comando's, so i can't help you there ! But i know you have to set the receive-channal of the SVex to the same channel that has that extra data.
I have an EM2000 connected to the VWSex but i only use it to change key from my left-hand notes (lower2). I never use midifiles to sing along.
See you...

Luc J.


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Posted by: John Z

Re: Question--G1000 to Digitech Studio Vocalist? - 01/25/00 08:25 PM

Thanks Luc, for the reply. I've been away for several days so haven't gotten back to the G1000 yet.

But I'll keep working on this.

Best regards,