G1000 not transposing bass pedals.

Posted by: Anonymous

G1000 not transposing bass pedals. - 04/13/03 03:32 PM

I use a PK5 bass pedal board into MIDI In on a G1000. G1000 transpose works on the keyboard sounds but not the bass played on the PK5.

This is acknowledged as a problem by Roland UK tech support and even by Roland Japan R&D but there is no fix planned as it is an obsolete model.

Has anybody any ideas to get around this, please? Maybe using some sort of interface utility or even another instrument/module that can tanspose the MIDI In messages.

Best regards, Alan T
Posted by: Fran Carango

Re: G1000 not transposing bass pedals. - 04/13/03 05:30 PM

Alan , go to your parameter botton [F2] and select Tune [F2] button, now select the mode to include "midi"..this will allow a midi module to be transposed by the G1000.. Your problem is different in that you need your controller[pedals] to transpose.. If there is not a transpose function on the controller, an old Pocket Transpose pedal[Anatek] will do the job..They can be found for around $25..