Posted by: cBas

VA-7 - 06/07/00 10:38 AM

1.How can I obtain the VA-7, in the US? I cant find it on Rolands US websight only on the UK one.

2.Also, how much is it.

3.And does it sample? I know about the variphrase voice thing but is it also a sampler like the triton or cs6x?

4.Are the keys waited? Im used to playing a Steinway Concert Grand.
Posted by: ricok987

Re: VA-7 - 06/07/00 12:16 PM

I saw it on the Canada website. Maybe you can buy it from a Canadian Distributor and have it shipped to you. If you pay in Canadian Dollars you may even get an exchange rate price benefit.
Posted by: cBas

Re: VA-7 - 06/08/00 08:22 PM

Thanks for the help. Does anyone know the answers to my other questions.
1. Is the VA-7 also a sampler? (Like the korg Triton)
2.What is the feel of the keys?
3.about how much money is it?
Posted by: CoasterTim

Re: VA-7 - 06/10/00 05:11 AM


I received an email from Corey Fornier, who works for Roland US. He said the VA-7 will be released in the USA, "very soon".

It has a synth feel - not weighted keys.

It has the variphrase sampler, which is far superior to any other sampler on the market.
You can sample anything with it with superior results.

If you are interested in a Roland synth with piano feel, check out the new XV-88. It's not an arranger workstation, but has the feel of a piano, is expandable, and contains the hottest new V-sounds from Roland...a really great keyboard.