New Roland G70 User

Posted by: tony harbour

New Roland G70 User - 03/09/05 01:29 PM

Hi i have defected from the technics forum as i now have changed keyboards . Not much activity here compared with the Yamahaha / Technics . Strange cause Roland are a huge name and probably even getting bigger now Technics have pulled out of the keyboard market .
Posted by: Gunnar Jonny

Re: New Roland G70 User - 03/09/05 05:26 PM

Hi Tony.
I've asked similiar as this question in your tread at TechForum, but
just in case you did'nt notice it:
How do you like the "fill in" system on the G70 compared to the KN's?
I understand you can't choose between them freely, but a kind of up and
downwards progress just as when use MSA. Is it possible to use them
separately as you desire and in what succession you want to either by
use the fillin buttons as is or programmable ones?
Posted by: RMepstead

Re: New Roland G70 User - 03/10/05 11:38 AM

Hiya Tony and Gunnar
It only needs someone on here to tell you they don't think you should discuss Technics KN keyboard comparisons with Roland machines on the Roland Arranger Keyboard Forum and that would just about wrap things!
Just think - a few years ago we didn't have the privilege of finding this way to disagree; it must be very deep rooted in the human psyche, don't you think?
Ain't folk funny - best wishes
Roger M

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Posted by: tony harbour

Re: New Roland G70 User - 03/12/05 06:56 PM


Nigel , the moderator of this great forum has replied on the thread and as he say's its OK i have returned to technics - but will watch here incase things look livelier .. I have attempted answer re fill in back in t'other forum .


Posted by: roger brandon bradbury

Re: New Roland G70 User - 03/21/05 03:37 PM

Tony, have sent 2 emails to roland with no reply. Is life about on this site...kn7000 and G70 user