Posted by: travlin'easy

Sailing - 06/19/22 10:51 AM

This particular song was a real challenge for me, especially having just 12 percent of my lung capacity remaining. I first had to create a style file, something I have not done for years. Next, I created a midi file from the style file, which allowed me edit the playing portion. This allowed me to concentrate on the lyrics and phrasing, which was also very difficult.

Click here to hear my rendition of Sailing The Original was performed by Christopher Cross in 1980.

Gary cool
Posted by: Terrysutt

Re: Sailing - 06/19/22 11:58 AM

Nice rendition Gary,new song to me,very much liked the backing track.
Posted by: Kabinopus

Re: Sailing - 06/19/22 02:38 PM

Gary, you can still sing and create styles, and I still can't do neither :-)

You mind is definitely strong, and, after all, it is the mind what makes us who we are.
Posted by: Graham UK

Re: Sailing - 06/20/22 09:37 AM

Gary. Well Done with this one.

Whats the name of this Yammy style ?
Posted by: travlin'easy

Re: Sailing - 06/20/22 12:00 PM

Graham, I used a basic, 8-beat ballad style that I got online from Eileen several years ago, then went about a series of edits using the onboard Style Creator program and inserting the guitar segment on channel 4, which took several tries to play it correctly. I then played the song, recorded it as a midi file on my PSR-S950 and added the instrumental segment, which again took several tries to get it right. (Gloria - I wish were talented enough to do that guitar work in one shot. HA!)

Once I had the mid file, I was able to perform and record the song using the keyboard's onboard USB recorder, which provided me with a .wav file of the song with the vocals. I then ran it through Audacity, adjusted the volume level to -.06 to normalize it, then converted it to an MP3 file so I could post it. As you can see, it was a long, drawn-out process.

I wish to thank everyone who took the time to listen and comment on my submission. I especially would like to thank Jim (Zuki) for suggesting this song, one that I performed a few times many years ago using an old 8-beat ballad style from my PSR-3000. That style did fit very well, but I managed to get away with it back then.

All the best,

Gary cool
Posted by: jingleman

Re: Sailing - 06/20/22 01:48 PM

Excellent Gary…Style and midi file you created sound great!
Posted by: lahawk

Re: Sailing - 06/20/22 03:37 PM

Nice job Gary. "Sailing" fits you, your sail boat hobby, not to mention your Navy days. It could be your theme song cover smile
Posted by: travlin'easy

Re: Sailing - 06/21/22 10:37 AM

Thanks guys, for the compliments. I sure wish I were a bit younger when I took up sailing, but I got a lot of great experiences that I will cherish the remainder of my life.

All the best,

Gary cool
Posted by: bruno123

Re: Sailing - 06/21/22 05:46 PM

I live in West Palm Beach, Florida. My daughter lives in Jacksonville Florida. She honored me this past Father’s Day by rented a home in in Hobe Sound Florida; she did not want me to drive a long distance.

On the last day we had lunch in an outdoor restaurant on the water’s edge – beautiful.

As the boats past my desire to sail from up North to Florida came. First the desire, which I did not fill – then my dear friend Gary; who made the trip many times. He sailed and played his way to Florida – WOW.

Gary, you are one success story.

Take care my friend, John C.
Posted by: Bill Lewis

Re: Sailing - 06/22/22 07:21 AM

Great job Gary. I also tackled that song using just Style Play. It's tricky to get close to right but i did a more stripped down version than yours
Posted by: travlin'easy

Re: Sailing - 06/22/22 01:01 PM

Thanks guys. John, prior to my sailing excursion to the Keys, for more than 25 years I trailered a 21-foot powerboat to Key west, rented a house and fished the all the keys to the west of Key West to the Marquesses Keys for tarpon, barracuda, and various other species. I absolutely loved that part of the world, but failed to convince my wife to move there. Now, she wished she would have.

Thanks again, everyone,

Gary cool
Posted by: montunoman

Re: Sailing - 06/26/22 01:33 PM

Wow, that makes my head spin thinking of all technical work to creat the backing track! I think I’d probably just spend the $ 2 for a prerecorded backing track, but your effort is very impressive!

That’s a very fitting song for you Gary. I always think of you when I hear the song “ Brandy” by the band Looking Glass, which still gets a lot airplay on the oldies stations. Anyways , I’d love to hear you cover it if you have a chance.
Posted by: travlin'easy

Re: Sailing - 06/27/22 09:34 AM

Paul, I thought I posted Brandy here a few months ago. Here's the link:

I got the style from the PSR Tutorial site, via Roger, who has a wealth of great styles on hand.

Gary cool
Posted by: montunoman

Re: Sailing - 06/27/22 10:40 AM

Thanks Gary, I guess I missed that one- very nice rendition!
I’d like that style if you have it handy. Thank you!
Posted by: travlin'easy

Re: Sailing - 06/27/22 12:27 PM

Paul, here's a folder of Brandy style files I have on hand.
Posted by: montunoman

Re: Sailing - 06/28/22 06:25 PM

Thanks Gary. I can’t wait to give it a whirl.