Blackbird (and picking techniques)

Posted by: Diki

Blackbird (and picking techniques) - 12/07/20 08:21 AM

Here's a little more live stuff using the BK-9's amazing SuperNatural guitars. A little Sir Paul...

This time I used one of my favorite guitar emulation techniques. Split your keyboard, and put either the same guitar or two different ones (in this case the Lower was a steel, the Upper was a nylon layered with a pad) on either side, and adjust the transposition so both guitars are in the same range. You can now play interlocked picking patterns without your fingers overlapping and getting tangled. It's incredibly effective...

By the way, the clam at the end just shows we're all human!

Posted by: Gerry M

Re: Blackbird (and picking techniques) - 12/07/20 09:12 AM

Excellent!A pleasure to listen too!

Posted by: Bill Lewis

Re: Blackbird (and picking techniques) - 12/07/20 02:23 PM

Excellent and very creative use of the BK9 clap
Posted by: ekurburski

Re: Blackbird (and picking techniques) - 12/07/20 02:36 PM

Appreciate giving us the technique. I'm sure this could work on other kbs.
Posted by: tassiespirit

Re: Blackbird (and picking techniques) - 12/07/20 03:39 PM

Diki, really nicely done, I enjoyed the energy in the song, very enjoyable.

Posted by: Diki

Re: Blackbird (and picking techniques) - 12/08/20 08:44 AM

The technique works with any keyboard... admittedly, the articulation stuff will vary, but isn’t essential. It’s also possible to play fast repeated strummed chords by alternating each hand on the same sound, although you won’t be able to play a six string chord (because of the spread) but will work on four string voicings.

It’s also a handy technique on a lot of other sounds that need rapid complex patterns or fast repeating chords. Think strings, brass, synths, clavinet rhythm parts, even drum and percussion!

Playing interlocked hands has always been one of the harder techniques to master on a piano. Splittable keyboards have made this so much easier!

Thanks again for your kind reviews of the song. 🎹😎🎹
Posted by: Diki

Re: Blackbird (and picking techniques) - 12/08/20 09:56 AM

By the way, for the times you are trying to play fast chords to emulate strumming, try playing the downstrokes (whichever hand tends to play those) one inversion lower than the up strokes. This tends to emulate what happens on a guitar, as the downstrokes will hit the bass strings first and hardest, and the up strokes will hit the high strings first and hardest...

You can also try riffandos (I think that’s the term for them), fast upwards or downwards arpeggios in the direction of the strum if your keyboard’s articulation features don’t automatically put those in (like the Roland does!). You can pull this off by angling your hand slightly so one side tends to hit the keys slightly sooner.

When emulating guitars (in the immortal words of Bill Murray!) “I've often asked myself my foe, my enemy, is an animal. In order to conquer him I have to think like an animal and whenever possible to look like one. I've got to get inside this dude's pelt and crawl around for a few days. Who is the gopher's ally? His friend?”!

Think like a guitarist, soon enough you’re playing like one....
Posted by: Eric, B

Re: Blackbird (and picking techniques) - 12/08/20 01:58 PM

clap Very nice.
Thank you for sharing.
I think Paul would be proud of you wink
Posted by: Gunnar Jonny

Re: Blackbird (and picking techniques) - 12/08/20 03:47 PM

Great work Diki, very pleasant to listen to your rendition of this old tune. 🎵🎹🎵
there is something in your voice that reminds me of Dr.John, and that made me take a trip at YT to listen at him as well.... 😊
Posted by: Diki

Re: Blackbird (and picking techniques) - 12/10/20 12:08 PM

Love me some Dr. John! I used to be in a house gig on Bourbon St., but not in a singing capacity. Sadly, we were mostly high energy disco and R&B, so we didn't do any Dr. John. But most places did! Guess I was in the right place, but at the wrong time!

Never thought about my voice having any similarities, though... It's always amazing how others can hear things we never hear ourselves..!
Posted by: captain Russ

Re: Blackbird (and picking techniques) - 12/10/20 01:50 PM

Neat reference to a neat line in a cool song!

Posted by: lahawk

Re: Blackbird (and picking techniques) - 12/11/20 04:38 PM

Very Professional. The pickin' sounds like a true guitar, and great Dr John type vocals too. Thanks Diki