OT: Outlook and Windows 10 ...

Posted by: tony mads usa

OT: Outlook and Windows 10 ... - 12/09/19 10:39 PM

A couple of weeks ago we purchased a new laptop and installed Win 10 ... I also purchased Office which includes Outlook as an e-mail handler ... I created our two e-mail accounts - one a Gmail, and the other a Verizon in Outlook ... everything was working fine - I would click on the Outlook icon and it would show both e-mail accounts ... until today when I clicked on the Outlook icon - it showed a circle indicating it was loading, but then -NOTHING ... Outlook didn't open ... Looking at the settings, it APPEARS that everything is OK, but obviously it's not ...
Any ideas ?
Posted by: Graham UK

Re: OT: Outlook and Windows 10 ... - 12/10/19 01:25 AM

Enter this in your browser.

Posted by: abacus

Re: OT: Outlook and Windows 10 ... - 12/10/19 01:52 AM

Check down detector https://downdetector.com/ to see if there are any problems with your email providers, if not follow below.

1. Re-start the computer
2. Make sure you have a solid internet connection
3. Make sure you have all the latest updates (Including those for the Office Program)
4. Make sure your anti-virus is up to date (If you are using the Windows Defender make sure it has updated)
5. Check to see if anything else is not working (If it relates to the network run the network troubleshooter)
6. Run Office Repair

If the above fails then it possible that your profile is corrupted, go here and follow the instructions here

Hopefully you can soon get back up and running.
NOTE: As Graham says you can temporally use the Email providers web service to check you email while you are getting things sorted.

Posted by: tony mads usa

Re: OT: Outlook and Windows 10 ... - 12/10/19 03:23 PM

Thanks for the tips, guys ... I actually did a System Restore back to the last Win10 update (11/23) and Outlook restored, no problem ... now I'm wondering if the update is still installed?
Posted by: Riceroni9

Re: OT: Outlook and Windows 10 ... - 12/10/19 04:10 PM

Switch over to Linux Cinnamon Mint! Free yourself from the tyranny of Microsoft. It has a graphical user interface, comes with a complete "Office Suite" called Libre Office... and is completely free.

Years ago, I was a partner in a retail computer store. Microsoft promised the moon and constantly delivered a bag of nothing-burgers... at additional cost, each time. Drove us nuts trying to "educate" our clients on this and that change... and the associated, astronomical costs.

When IBM gave up the ghost and sold off their PC division, it spelled the beginning of the end for us. We nearly pulled off our rescue from extinction when we purchased a shipment of Commodore Amiga Computers. Alas, they only came with a floppy disc drive and soon, after a couple of minor iterations, went the way of the obsolete.

Sad... but much wiser for the experience.

Posted by: tony mads usa

Re: OT: Outlook and Windows 10 ... - 12/10/19 05:36 PM

Dave, how long have you been using that ... and is it compatible with all software?
Posted by: Riceroni9

Re: OT: Outlook and Windows 10 ... - 12/10/19 07:09 PM

Hi Tony:

I took a gamble on Linux Mint when Windows attracted rats and destroyed so many of my little treasures (thankfully backed up on another off-line machine) and I would be a liar if I told you it is compatible with "ALL SOFTWARE." The Libre Set that comes with it does "translate" freely with the other "OFFICE" many still use. I've been using MINT for more than a year and am using it with this reply... on-line.

It works both ways... with Microsoft Office and even with the cheap version called WORKS which I still use for writing lyrics. Thing is, as I write this, developers and software creators are busy generating code for other things... even games aplenty. (Apple is not in the picture yet... but that day will probably come.)

For music creators, the popular Music Editor, "AUDACITY" is available. I have used Audacity once or twice because it has more powerful features than my current favorite.

Several good graphics programs are available as well. The software produced in Linux come in several flavors... but the Graphical MINT is tops in my book.

For those who prefer caution, there is a work-around that allows you to run Windows in a different section of your hard drive while also working with MINT. (It is called WINE.) I always recommend you explore new stuff to the max... but I had no reasonable choice and am happy with the path taken.

Linux Mint will work "on-line" or on a safe, stand alone PC so you can operate in complete safety. If you don't like downloading software, A Linux Mint CD can be purchased at their site... when last I checked, it costs $15.00. (Don't hold me to that 'cause I have not looked in quite some time.)

Feel free to PM me if you have questions.

All the best, ----Dave
Posted by: DonM

Re: OT: Outlook and Windows 10 ... - 12/10/19 08:07 PM

I use Libre on all my stuff. Before, it was called Open Office. No problems at all with word processing, spread sheets, etc.
Posted by: Dnj

Re: OT: Outlook and Windows 10 ... - 12/10/19 08:13 PM

What happened to good old Ms Office?

And Yahoo mail
Posted by: Fran Carango

Re: OT: Outlook and Windows 10 ... - 12/10/19 08:47 PM

Donny Outlook express is older then Yahoo mail.. smile

I used Linux for about ten years.. it resided in my MediaStation.. wink

Dave I tried to install cinnamon a couple times.. my download would not down the last percent and would not install. tired
Posted by: Riceroni9

Re: OT: Outlook and Windows 10 ... - 12/10/19 09:12 PM

Fran: I'm wondering if you have a memory chip capacity problem? The "overhead" or footprint of Mint is actually fairly small. I also believe they still offer a free download to a CD or DVD of your choosing... but I've never had to resort to that. I'll bet there are a dozen or more computer stores in your general area that will be happy to "burn one" for you... probably at no charge if you bring in a disc.

Keep us posted. Sorry you had trouble.

You bring up a good point. Linus Torvalds of Finland came up with the "code" for Linux (named for him) and Unix was the backbone of his work. Unix and now Linux is the OS for most Server Farms these days. This stuff has been around for a long time and is known for its stability.

Regards, ----Dave
Posted by: abacus

Re: OT: Outlook and Windows 10 ... - 12/11/19 02:21 AM

If you are going to try Linux (Its free) use either a dual boot system or run it in a virtual machine (Virtual Box is fairly easy to use) and try it out first.
As you are into music etc. I suggest you use Dual Boot and load in the Ubuntu Studio version as this comes with all the multimedia programs you will need, thus making it easier to try out all the different programs. (If you like what it does you can try other distros out later to find out which best suits)
Open Office is still available and continuing to be developed, however the team that split from Open Office to create Libre office appear to have the upper hand these days.
NOTE: Some work will be required to get it how you want with plenty of videos on YouTube, however don't expect any big names in the music industry (Steinberg, Native Instruments etc.) to work with Linux no matter how you try to get them to.
If you are familiar with Microsoft Office of 10-15 years ago, that is the the level that Librie office is currently at, it also does not support any of the Outlook or Access files.
I recommend anybody try Linux at some point as it is a cracking OS. (It just takes time to find the best distro for your own use)
Word of warning, if you have everything connected (You have smart lights, many tablets, smart TVs etc) then forget Linux as it is a privacy based OS which makes it difficult to operate the way android, Windows & Apple users are accustomed too.
If you have done a system restore that was before the Windows updates, they will have been removed.
Have fun

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Re: OT: Outlook and Windows 10 ... - 12/11/19 07:03 AM

Great points, Bill:

Thanks for sharing your important points about the pros and cons of Linux. For me, there were so many more pros than cons but my needs are few and I avoid Microsoft, Apple and Android as much as possible. Many of the top Music Creating Platforms do not yet recognize or work with Linux in any form... so that would probably be a real "downer"... but I use my arranger for "arranging" the "instruments" to be used in each song I record directly into a BOSS Digital Recorder.

Before I forget... Merry Christmas. ----Dave