Pa4x Microphone Settings?

Posted by: bruno123

Pa4x Microphone Settings? - 10/14/17 12:40 PM

Don, Dave and those who know. The only part of my Px4a that I am not comfortable is the microphone settings. I know it can be done because I hear your recordings, they are great.

I know the explanation could take an entire page, so just the highlights might do. I have never had a problem with my past keyboards but the Pa4x has many more options. I’m missing something.

Can I save the settings when I find what I want? Is there a lock?

Oh well, back to my car and practice singing my whole tone scale.

John C.
Posted by: DonM

Re: Pa4x Microphone Settings? - 10/14/17 01:17 PM

Mic settings are automatically stored.
I generally use the automatic processing. Seems to work great. I use different percentages with different mics, according to what I'm hearing. Seems as if it is usually around 40 percent. I have experimented with various Gate and Compressor settings, but automatic is pretty good there too. You may not need to use Compressor but if you do, and don't use automatic setting, I wouldn't go over 3:1.
I think I'm using Large Hall reverb. Not in front of it right now.
Remember that the overall e.q. also affects the mic's sound.
Be aware that it is easy to overdo things when you have the overall e.q., mic e.q., reverb, delay, compression, gate, de-esser. Start very simple, make changes and see if they help or hurt!
With the AKG mic you are getting, I used automatic processing at 40 percent and it sounded great to me.
On my overall keyboard I have the MAXX Audio Bass and Treble at about 40, stereo and volume at 100. Overall e.q. is nearly flat with just a very slight, maybe 2 db, high end boost at 7500. Yours may vary depending on the venue and your own preferences.
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Re: Pa4x Microphone Settings? - 10/14/17 06:18 PM

What did you say? aaaaaaaaah.

Don I completely miss the automatic microphone adjustment feature. I would set my cheap fender mic. to the sound of i wanted; then used my Beyer $585 mic and did not understand why everything changed.

No problem, I have just entered into the school of dummies. (smile)
Thank you, John C.