New PA on board

Posted by: cassp

New PA on board - 06/06/16 07:32 PM

I just added a EV ZLX12p two-way powered loudspeaker to my rig. It's way more powerful than my Bose Compact. The sound is clear and strong with no boominess. I bought a B stock from Sam Ash and saved $100 over the already affordable price. I've only been able to try it outside at home for now, but this will definitely my summer PA at least. I may have to adjust the keyboard EQ a bit to bring out some more mids and highs.
Posted by: Dnj

Re: New PA on board - 06/07/16 03:35 AM

Your using two I hope?.... Good luck with them.. keys
Posted by: shueymusic

Re: New PA on board - 06/07/16 01:15 PM

Great choice! EV makes a great speaker! Using two would make it a wonderful sound for you but not be so great on your back.

You may want to look into the little dbx goRack speaker processor.

That will make those speakers sound great!!
Posted by: cassp

Re: New PA on board - 06/09/16 07:30 AM

How would the Go-Rack work with a Bose Compact. That could be interesting, maybe. Any opinions?
The EV has four DSP curves that are very helpful.
Posted by: Dnj

Re: New PA on board - 06/09/16 08:10 AM

no EQ setting is permanent!....every gig, every room, and many times many songs have to be EQ'd differently as you go along...start out FLAT and use you ears as you play,.....have fun.