Wanted: Roland BK-5

Posted by: cassp

Wanted: Roland BK-5 - 04/11/16 01:10 PM

Got one! Thanks Don Mason for your lead.

Posted by: DonM

Re: Wanted: Roland BK-5 - 04/11/16 01:26 PM

Cass I know where there is a display model you can get with new warranty for $500. plus shipping, no tax.
Call Eric at Shreveport Music (318) 798-6000.
I played it at the store a few months ago and nothing is wrong with it. They no longer stock arrangers and will be glad to sell it.
I'm probably the only person that ever played it!

Posted by: cassp

Re: Wanted: Roland BK-5 - 04/11/16 01:50 PM

You da Man, Don. I'm buying this on your expert recommendation. Thank ya!