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Newsletter - 08/31/15 04:20 AM


The August 2015 Newsletter from "The Unofficial YAMAHA Keyboard Resource Site" has been mailed to all subscribers.

If you have NOT got your copy - caused by e.g. database errors, transmission errors, server downtime or too aggressive spam filters - then go to and add your mail address. Then the Newsletter will be resend.

Same procedure applies to non-subscriberts wanting to subscribe.

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PS: You can read the newsletter online at
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Re: Newsletter - 08/31/15 08:48 AM

Thanks Jorgen, since i switched to YamahaT5 about a year ago, i have found your website to be a highlight in the Arranger community. The programs and stuff it offers for free to users like me is incredible.

Its one of the reasons i probably will stick to Yamaha arrangers for the time being..

Thank you very much for all your effort.