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Keyboard stands - 07/24/15 11:15 AM

Can you tell me which keyboard stands are the best.Im looking at the Yamaha YKA7500 looks good to me but does it being a Y frame does it get in the way of your legs being comfortable.Thanks for all your help. Cal
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Re: Keyboard stands - 07/24/15 11:45 AM


There are many stand styles, depending on your needs and likes...and of course, how much you want to spend.

I use pedals while playing my keyboard, and the X frame stands, are NOT an option for me, unstable and no room
for my pedals, so, there are other choices, the "Z" frame stands, very firm but not portable, collapsible, and the
"Spider" type, there is a Y stand by Quik Lock

Ther eis the "Table" Type too...
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Re: Keyboard stands - 07/24/15 12:06 PM

The L7S keyboard stand by Yamaha for the Tyros models is one very sturdy keyboard stand. Solidly built with one fault:
It is not portable. You would have to disassemble it to travel with it. If your playing at home all the time or set up for a
long period of time, this stand is perfect. Lloyd
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Re: Keyboard stands - 07/24/15 03:20 PM

Sorry guys I meant to say x frame not y frame.Thank you for your help. Cal
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Re: Keyboard stands - 07/25/15 06:00 AM
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Re: Keyboard stands - 07/25/15 07:42 AM

Lloyd I might try that L7S stand looks really study but will cost a lot in Canada.I can use that for the psr s970 but what can I use for the pa900.Thanks for your help. Cal
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Re: Keyboard stands - 07/31/15 07:31 AM

The Yamaha stand fits most all keyboards. I have used it for a
Tyros 2, 4 and now a Tyros 5-76 note keyboard. I think it's one of the best stands made. Pricy but worth it. Lloyd