Delivery ? By USPS

Posted by: cassp

Delivery ? By USPS - 05/27/15 04:18 PM

Has anyone had experience waiting for a delivery from our U.S. Post office. My s950 has been on the docket for six days using Priority Mail (2-3 days??). When I try to check where it is, eBay tells me it made it to WA from Portland, OR but USPS doesn't even show it out the door yet. Deadline is supposedly tomorrow. Will it show up? Should I check my local post office? Will they leave a note or the keyboard at my door if I'm gone for a few minutes? How bad can it get? I'm sure the seller can't do anything. Reassure me, please. confused1 confused
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Re: Delivery ? By USPS - 05/27/15 04:29 PM

Cass isn't there a tracking # ?.........Priority isn't an exact science vs Overnight, etc,..
especially across country it could take as long as a week, I've experienced that also,..They will only leave it if it doesn't have a "signature required" Hope it turns up soon for ya I hate waiting for the unknown myself lol.
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Re: Delivery ? By USPS - 05/27/15 05:36 PM

Cass, there should be a USPS tracking number associated with the shipment.

Gary cool
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Re: Delivery ? By USPS - 05/27/15 05:41 PM

I have been using the tracking number to get all the useless info I have gotten.
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Re: Delivery ? By USPS - 05/27/15 05:53 PM

I find with the USPS the tracking is useless.... It usually shows up before the tracking catches up.. On the other hand, UPS and FEDEX are very good in tracking.. Ron
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Re: Delivery ? By USPS - 05/27/15 07:06 PM

From my experience USPS is better then UPS, UPS bashes up the boxes and I never had a problem with the Post Office.
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Re: Delivery ? By USPS - 05/27/15 07:30 PM


I went through the same thing some months ago with a set of DVDs that I ordered from The tracking number never showed my shipment even going out the door, but it still showed up, as scheduled on day 5 of the 3-5 day Priority Mail promise. The local Post Master said that it was a computer glitch that was keeping the tracking info from being updated, even though they were inputting the correct updates. Hope your experience turns out as well as mine did, even though it does fray the nerves a bit.




Enjoy that 950 - whenever it does get there !
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Re: Delivery ? By USPS - 05/28/15 02:16 PM

The s950 arrived at approximately 3pm today. Inside were many surprises. First, when I opened the box there was a low cost x-stand on top and a brand new YAMAHA gig bag tailored to fit the 950. Then there was a Chinese/Japanese user manual and directions for registering the keyboard. Then I saw the proper AC adapter and plastic bag with the English owner materials.

It was obvious the music rack had never been touched and then...
The s950 was packaged in another gig bag. This one had an envelope type top cover and special see thru plastic section for securing the board - way cool. The s950 was either brand new or barely touched because the thin plastic overlay was still on the screen. Now, I've only been away from the 950 for about six weeks, but I could swear there were different things on my screen. And instrument pages seemed to have a few different voices.

Now I'll need to spend a little time reacquainting myself some things, but before start messing with unnecessary stuff, does anyone know if there have been recent changes to the OS? Btw, this is OS 1.3, what should I have? I may be asking some stupid, redundant questions in the the next week, so please help.

In any case, it's good to have the s950 back in my collection.
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Re: Delivery ? By USPS - 05/28/15 02:34 PM

You should have V1.04;asset_id=59552