new memory for yamaha keyboards 2gb

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new memory for yamaha keyboards 2gb - 05/11/14 06:56 PM

WOnder if this will really work in the Tyros? It says compatiable with Tyros .Might solve a lot of memory problems people have... Ron
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Re: new memory for yamaha keyboards 2gb - 05/12/14 04:37 AM

this was also in the description.. Ron

onger live events outside your studio without having the need of reloading. Especially for users of the Yamaha Tyros 5 it is of most interest to increase the memory capacity because the Wave-Counter is no more included which limits the number of samples to 9999. On the other side, users of Yamaha's Tyros 4 will profit from more memory space by being able to use larger samples than before. In summer 2014 a major update of the Yamaha Expansion Manager (YEM) is awaited to be released, which enables Tyros 5 users, to create Custom Voices with a new voice-creator. Therefore, the larger memory capacity of the FMC-07 FlashROM expansion card will help you to increase and handle your custom sample library with ease.
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Re: new memory for yamaha keyboards 2gb - 05/12/14 04:45 AM

does this void warranty?
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Re: new memory for yamaha keyboards 2gb - 05/12/14 05:47 AM

I own the FMC-06 Mutec flash, I bought it instead of the Yamaha flash for my MoXF. It is the 1GB size. It's produced in Germany, and experiences are very good, you can see many reviews for the Mutec board at
For the new 2 GB version however, I'm still cautious. In a German forum we're currently contacting Mutec for more precise information. But I'm sure they tested it thoroughly for the Tyros 5.

German stores sell the FMC-06 Mutec board together with The MoXF, they definitely wouldn't do this if it voided warranty.

For the MoXF, you have to consider that even if the flash storage capacity is not yet fully utilized, there is a maximum number of waveforms and individual samples the MoXF can handle, so you might not be able to use the 2 GB to the full extent depending on the structure of the waveforms. I don't know the details of the Tyros in this respect.
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Re: new memory for yamaha keyboards 2gb - 05/14/14 01:12 PM

There are first user experiences about the 2 GB Mutec board now, tested with MoXF. Details on request.