Need help, Tyros 4 demo

Posted by: Christian_1

Need help, Tyros 4 demo - 09/01/10 03:41 PM

Hi all,
I have been trying to access the Yamaha tyros website, but I have no luck.
I am visually impaired and it seems to me that the page is entirely created in flash. Some flash content is accessible with a screen reader, but not this page so I have not been able to listen to the little preview of the T4.
So could any of you sighted people tell me what I will find there is it just the Irish song someone posted a comment about in the Tyros 4 sneek preview thread.
It is really sad to see that Yamaha can't make a normal webpage that is accessible to all! Many thanks for any help!
Posted by: cassp

Re: Need help, Tyros 4 demo - 09/01/10 04:08 PM

Christian - you are not missing much. The clip is less than 30 seconds and there are only 3 very quick shots of the T4 bend and mod wheels, the main tilt-able screen and the front plate of the T4 with the name TYROS4. Unless I missed something in the four times I watched it, that is all.

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