Digital Piano Question: Casio PX-120

Posted by: Anonymous

Digital Piano Question: Casio PX-120 - 08/06/08 12:36 PM

Hi guys!

I'm not 100% sure where to put this post, because this forum is so large! So I decided to try here since it seems this section gets a lot of exposure!

I am planning on purchasing my first digital piano, and I was looking at the Casio PX-120... I know there are a lot of newer models out like the PX800, etc... but the reason I am leaning towards this one is because there is a great deal at a local store right now (brand new + pedals and stand, etc... all for 400$!)

So, my question is... after reading several reviews and they all say the only downside to the PX120 is the speakers are kind of weak, does anyone know if the PX120 has an option for external speakers? And if so, could I use my current computer speakers? They are logitech's 2.1, but I'm not sure how it works with the subwoofer if I want to use it with the PX120.

Would I have to go and purchase just 2 regular speakers (left and right channels) if I wanted a solution to an external speaker set for the piano?

Posted by: Fran Carango

Re: Digital Piano Question: Casio PX-120 - 08/06/08 01:02 PM

You will have to use one of the two headphone out put to the Logitechs..It will work fine, as will the sub woofer..