How to make your biz more efficient

Posted by: SemiLiveMusic

How to make your biz more efficient - 08/03/08 07:36 AM

My real job these days, it's chaos. Like never before, I need to be much more organized. Need to use technology as best I can. Anyone got any tips?

- I need a new laptop. I guess something with WinXP, not Vista. I could also use it on gigs.

- An Iphone. I need a good cell phone that the sound volume is good and I can also check email and maybe even surf the web from time to time.

- Services like I have not used this but it looks good.

- I have an answering service now that if I am on the phone or if the phone line is busy, it routes to them. I want a live person to always answer my phone if at all possible... because each call is very important to me... literally... it might mean big bucks and a live voice is much better than voicemail to get the caller to provide callback info.

- I still have no answer for organizing the paperwork in my life.

- The numerous faxes I receive come in via .pdf files and I then print them. I should come up with some kind of filing system on the computer. Although, I do prefer a paper copy much of the time.

I just need to exploit technology as much as I can.
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Re: How to make your biz more efficient - 08/03/08 07:43 AM