Korg PA-588 video (sucks pretty bad too)

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Korg PA-588 video (sucks pretty bad too) - 06/30/08 09:35 AM

Here's a video of the new Korg PA-588. I'm surprised nobody has posted this yet as the vid has been up for a while now. Anywho.., the demo SUCKS too. I swear that Korg and Roland send their worst and most inexperienced demo crew out for the Summer NAMM shows.

The PA-588 looks kinda like a Casio with those speakers.
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Re: Korg PA-588 video (sucks pretty bad too) - 06/30/08 10:16 AM

I do desaggree, you must to keep in mind that the NAMM show is a musical product Music for Dealers, Malcoml demo how easy is to make from a SIMPLE chord progression a full backup orchestrated and not just that, after it was done, he went a change one of the chords and also change the style that gave to the original chord progression a total different feel. This type of demo is to show what the this particular product can do in few minutes Using the features to make music that it has, and is greatly appreciate by users/customers that can not be very precise in their playing in real time, and or if you have a Band in the Box user, this particular feature IS the Band in the Box in hardware, this type of demo is not intended to be like the performers I mention next.
You probably expected to see a Performance like I also enjoy with someone like Hector Olivera (Roland Atalier) or Michel Voncken from Yamaha, etc.
I have been going to NAMM shows since 1980 and I also had Demo products for several manufacturers and have done both Demo types, one is more like a "Clinic/Seminar" more technical ( What you saw) and the other is more a Performance "Showcase" more musical and allows you to be "Flashy", personal skill combine with the sounds/features of the instrument.
Just MY opinion and Experience in both sides of the fence.
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Re: Korg PA-588 video (sucks pretty bad too) - 06/30/08 10:20 AM

To me I say it's not so great because he didn't take that 7+ minutes used to focus on "what counts". SOUNDS + STLYLES!

He just focused on "Hey Mom look at what I can do"..., rather than show what really counts on an arranger keyboard. Just my opinion though.
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Re: Korg PA-588 video (sucks pretty bad too) - 06/30/08 10:36 AM

Have you ever go to just about ANY music store (With a VERY few exceptions a la George Kaye, etc.), and the sales staff have NO CLUE how to even turn on some arranger Keyboards disregard the brand?.
Well, since the NAMM show is for Dealers (not intended for public), this Demo is a little tool that may help them, SInce most can not demo or play and arranger.
Just my opinion.
You missed my comment on the second type of Demo, that is what you want to see More showcase, keep in mind that there are 2 very different types of demo.
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Re: Korg PA-588 video (sucks pretty bad too) - 06/30/08 02:07 PM

Lets see if I can chime in here with an opinion.
Malcolm Doke is the product manager for the PA division of Korg here in the USA. He is not a clinician or anyone hired to perform for the NAMM show. His job is to promote the products to dealers and talk about their features and advantages to the possible customer. Malcolm is trying to change the public's notion that an arranger keyboard is for an experienced keyboard player who needs sounds and styles, but also for the singer songwriter who might only have very basic keyboard skills and needs to get songs recorded in an easy to do method with just some basic keyboard playing knowledge.
Korg started this theme of the "songwriters" keyboard at the Winter NAMM show and are continuing with it here at the summer NAMM exhibit.
Manuel is absolutely correct that the purpose of this video was for dealers to see the Korg arrangers in a way they might not have thought of before. I'm hoping that Korg will reach a whole new group of customers with this approach of a songwriters keyboard.

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