PA500 or PA800

Posted by: Princess

PA500 or PA800 - 06/18/08 10:55 AM

My dear friend is wanting a PA800 but can only afford a PA500.... My question is how much better is the 800 over the 500 (capabilities) The differances ?
Thanks so Much :~)
Posted by: Dnj

Re: PA500 or PA800 - 06/18/08 01:42 PM
Posted by: leeboy

Re: PA500 or PA800 - 06/18/08 03:09 PM

I bet if your friend gets the 500, he(she) will wish they had the 800...LOTS more there to offer.

Why not save a while and get the better board. IMHO it will be a keeper, so why not get the one with all the goodies.

Posted by: Princess

Re: PA500 or PA800 - 06/18/08 04:58 PM

Thanks all for responding,my friend is watching your replys,and he will appreciate your assistance,I have a pa800,and am very happy with it,we live aboute 125 miles from the dealer of Korg, so we don't get a chance to compare other models,so this will be of great help,.......Paula
Posted by: zuki

Re: PA500 or PA800 - 06/18/08 10:01 PM

In addition:

- no mic input or vocal harmonizer
- no aftertouch
- non colored screen
- less wattage speaker output (I think)

But the 500 (to me) sounds extremely good too.

Posted by: Princess

Re: PA500 or PA800 - 06/19/08 07:18 AM

Thanks Zuki,.... I can't say it enough,I think the pa800 is the best, my friend Doc is going to our music store in Green Bay Wi. today, he already played my 800 yesterday and want's one bad. He is now playing the technics kn5000, and the floppy no longer saves, he needs a new key board,but It's that money thats hard to get, doc plays at a lot of small jobs, I hope it will work out for him,thanks ....Paula
Posted by: littledoctor66

Re: PA500 or PA800 - 06/22/08 06:24 AM

Thanks to all for th responses to princesses posting. on my behalf. I am 72 years young and only play for senior dances and at all the senior convelecent homesin the area... and am sure the pa 500 will be all i will ever need int e future I had played the technic kn5000 for 10 years and juat difgured the technology was just too far out of date after listening to thr Korg.
Once again thanks to all who answered princess on my be half.... I am now registered here to post and read
Posted by: rikkisbears

Re: PA500 or PA800 - 06/22/08 03:36 PM

Hi Doc,
welcome to the forum.
I think the PA500 & PA800 sure a lot in common ( including styles).
If we can help in anyway , let us know.
best wishes

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