Use an Agent?

Posted by: genesis12

Use an Agent? - 06/17/08 07:03 AM

I'm curious. How many of this group use an agent and has it worked well for you? I recently met someone (playing a Tyros II) who used an agent and did quite well.
Posted by: Dnj

Re: Use an Agent? - 06/17/08 08:01 AM

NEVER! Thread with Much Caution

& the rooms the are Agent Exclusive you better be "A" List material!

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Posted by: captain Russ

Re: Use an Agent? - 06/17/08 08:04 AM

Never have. Good ones (read "honest") are hard to find around here, I'm told.

Posted by: Fran Carango

Re: Use an Agent? - 06/17/08 08:14 AM

There are some rooms and venues you can only play using an agent...

I have no problems using agents...As long as the bottom line is enough for me..

You won't work the casinos or high roller parties without going through an agent..
Posted by: tony mads usa

Re: Use an Agent? - 06/17/08 09:52 AM

I get a fair amount of work from an agent ... He is sometimes late in getting the checks out, but other than that, I do not know him to be dishonest ... I may not get the same price as when I book the gig myself, but then I don't have the 'customer haggle' either ...
Posted by: mikeathome1

Re: Use an Agent? - 06/18/08 05:31 AM

I think it depends where you live. I don't live in a resort town and agents are almost nonexistent here compared to 20 years ago.
Come to think of it so is the union. When we were kids and wanted to join the union the old timers didn't want us. So the music scene flourished without the union
Posted by: hellboy44

Re: Use an Agent? - 06/20/08 07:07 PM

We use both, but mainly Agents.

What Fran said above is what I say too.
Posted by: Dnj

Re: Use an Agent? - 06/20/08 07:14 PM

Hellboy nice website ....but no Demos?
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Re: Use an Agent? - 06/20/08 07:49 PM

Nah, but we're working on it - going to be filming a Country gig in Hi-Def Video on Sunday (hopefully).

Click on those other links at the bottom though, and you get to see me in an Australian SUBWAY commercial (amongst other things....)