Workshop that features VSTs

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Workshop that features VSTs - 06/15/08 11:42 PM

An no I am not operating the camera.
It was recorded at the Summerfest 2007 event at Wersi Headquarters.


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Re: Workshop that features VSTs - 06/17/08 10:55 AM

Added a couple more sections, as for some reason the 1st one did not upload all the files.

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Re: Workshop that features VSTs - 06/17/08 04:52 PM

Listened to the first one... Much better than those other demos. A lot closer.

BUT.... is it me, or did it always seem like there was some kind of 'disconnect' in the timing of the guitar parts? A slight dragging feeling? I've got a sneaky feeling that the latency is coming into play.

For something like a guitar loop to be in sync with the regular arranger, that latency has got to be super-low, not to mention the code for the loop library has got to select and play the thing at virtually realtime speeds. Like I have said before, these things are designed as studio tools, not really for a live performance. Sure, you CAN play them live, but in the real world, at what these things are designed for, you don't actually use the live performance. It becomes the control track for the VSTi, you can edit it and quantize it, and then you render the part offline, which gives you a sample accurate performance in time with the rest of your tune.

But, on the whole, MUCH, much better than those previous, sorry to say it, but awful demos before. This one shows just how much better it COULD be, but I believe that latency and tracking time need to be improved a bit before it 'sits' in with hardware speeds comfortably...

What we need is someone to build a guitar library expressly for live use, optimized for tracking time and low latency. Perhaps when enough of these 'soft' keyboards like Wersi, MS, Neko and Muse are out there, the designers will prioritize live latency....

Still, thanks, Bill. A LOT closer. Now, where are all the users? I think I'm still on the money when I say that probably most OAS arrangers are just doing very basic stuff... What VSTi's are you using?
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Re: Workshop that features VSTs - 06/21/08 07:08 AM

Hi Diki
Itís amazing how much difference a year or more makes, the original demos were from about November 2005, which was only a few months after OAS 7 had been released.
The exception was the Live Jazz Demo, which was about a year later and featured a Beta version of the OAA, (You probably noticed the imbalance of the sounds)
The style used was the Tyros 2 Bebop with EzDruumer VST providing the drums. (The Wersi drum kits for the Yamaha styles had not yet been finalised)
The computer spec on the 2005 demos was a 2.4GHz P4 and 1 gig of Ram.
The videos being from over a year later (Around June 2007) meant users were starting to get the hang of them, and the computer spec used was 1.5gig of Ram and a 3 GHz P4.
Its now 2008 and the yearly summerfest has now just passed, so hopefully some more demos will be posted soon.
The current instruments run on a Dual Core AMD CPU, however I am not sure on the amount of Ram used. (OAS 7 was updated late 2007/early 2008 to make full use of Multi Core CPUs)
The most common VSTs sold by Wersi dealers are Colossus, B4, (A specially modified version that uses the physical drawbars and controls on the keyboard, as well as full editing capabilities from within OAS) Virtual Guitarist and Real Guitar.
My favourites are Kontakt 3, True Pianos and believe it or not the free SGM180 Sound font. (Not cutting edge, but great in a mix)
Currently I am clearing the system out so as to upgrade to OAS 7, without needing to bother about the system being clogged up. (Although to be fair there has not been any problems since it was upgraded to XP in early 2002)
BTW the best demo is probably the 3rd one. (The first one should have included all 3 files, but for some reason 4 Shared didnít upload properly)
Cant wait to get OAS 7, however I am still undecided on the OAA (Coming from an organ background an all singing all dancing style section has never been a great priority) but will do an in depth trial at the September Pakefield keyboard Festival, and then make a decision.