Testing new service... :)

Posted by: keybplayer

Testing new service... :) - 06/10/08 06:40 PM

I have suspended my Tripod web site account and am in the process of locating another Domain Hosting Service where I can host another personal web site along with music files and other related stuff. In the meantime I am using a file sharing site to link my personal music files at and I have a file I would like to test out here on SZ to see if people can download it okay and if anyone experiences any kind of problems.

The file is an .mp3 I recorded using my Tyros and Sonic Cell as the sound sources. It is called Big Band Piano. Here it is:


Thanks to anyone who happens to participate and download the song. Any comments are welcome and appreciated.


PS: I would like to get my new web site up and running before the summer is out.

Thanks again!
Posted by: mikeathome1

Re: Testing new service... :) - 06/10/08 07:08 PM

I like the download alot, it downloaded the file didn't make me go to another site, didn't open a new web page just downloaded it. Nice

The tune was nice too! Was that you playing, was it a style or a midi?

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Posted by: Diki

Re: Testing new service... :) - 06/10/08 07:53 PM

Nice playing,a great version.... Kudos.

Comments..? OK

I'd take a look at dropping the volume of the piano part a tad (more than a tad, actually ), and you might take a crack at putting roughly the same amount of reverb on it as the rest of the track. It just sounds a little dry and in-your-face compared to the track (or style, whatever).

Other than that, pretty much spot on, although I tend to like just a hair less overall reverb, but I know bigband is often very ambient. Just don't forget, if you are playing into a large-ish room already, it's going to add a fair bit of ambience itself. Start out with as much as you might possibly need, and it's going to get over the top and muddy out in the audience...

BTW, I know that's the Sonic Cell piano... No Yamaha ever sounded that detailed and warm at the same time! Push it back in the mix and soundscape a bit, and you are in jazz heaven!
Posted by: Caragabal

Re: Testing new service... :) - 06/11/08 02:00 AM

I enjoyed it.
Its a keeper.

Cousin Ken
Posted by: ianmcnll

Re: Testing new service... :) - 06/11/08 04:55 AM

Hi Mike,

Very nice...is this a composition of your own making?

The brass was terrific as were the drums...in fact the whole arrangement was well put together...except for the piano sound, which was somewhat too loud in the mix, and a bit one dimensional.

What style did you use, and do you have the midi to share?

The download went very smoothly.

Posted by: cassp

Re: Testing new service... :) - 06/11/08 06:27 AM

The download was seemless; direct and very quick. The mp3 was excellent; anyone can nit-pik, but I enjoyed it as it is.
Might I ask if how many tracks you used to record this? This is an excellent example of what an arranger can really do. For those who may criticize that it was done in segments or tracks, I simply say that one should then record the backing tracks as mp3 or midi then play the lead parts live.
Posted by: eddiefromrotherham

Re: Testing new service... :) - 06/11/08 07:20 AM

I agree that this is a composition which stands well in its own right and is a keeper.
For Perfection (is that ever possible? )
I would take the piano and place it further back with the band, give it a tad more reverb and bring the backing a little more into the scene.
There you have it ...perfection.
The download was without problems.
Eddie Johnson

Eddie from Rotherham

Posted by: Dnj

Re: Testing new service... :) - 06/11/08 07:49 AM

Great Jazz Midi File......
not too busy for a Big Band song....
without repeatitious banter I'll just agree with Diki on all counts
Appreciate you sharing your work.....
The Sonic cell really sound nice, I've always enjoyed the natural Roland sound.
Btw, no problems downloading the song.
Posted by: keybplayer

Re: Testing new service... :) - 06/11/08 08:58 PM

...oops! Double post. Read below...

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Posted by: keybplayer

Re: Testing new service... :) - 06/11/08 08:58 PM

That's great that everybody was able to download it okay. The new file sharing service caps the download speed at 100KB/s for the free accounts and that's what I have with them for now. I wanted to see how the service worked first before I considered stepping up to the next level with their pay accounts. Although I may not need to since everybody's downloads were trouble free with no real lag time or slow downs, etc.

It's funny that reverb was brought up because I added extra reverb after I had recorded the song and it was reverb applied globally for even the Piano. But the Piano was basically dry before I added the extra amount, whereas the other instruments had more initially before applying the other globally. And you may have noticed near the very end of the song when the Piano part was hitting the high octave notes just before the finish that I discerned a little 'ringing' when the note rolled off and decayed in a couple of spots. I'm pretty certain adding the reverb globally may have caused that undesirable effect in that specific ac piano patch. It's not too noticable, nevertheless it would never make it to radio or CD the way it is and I would need to re-record it without producing those anomalies, and or, eliminate them using my sound editing software possibly.

The Piano is the main part and focus of the song but I agree it should have laid back in the mix more, or bring the other tracks volumes up and forward more. The Piano was indeed a little loud in the mix. The Muted Trumpet kind of startles you too when it comes in.

Yes, the Piano was 'mainly' a Sonic Cell PRST AC Piano patch but I did have the Tyros Live! Grand layered in there as well but at an extra low volume level. Same with the Drums where they were mainly the Sonic Cell's drum kit with the Tyros' Live! Standard Kit combined at a much lower volume level. But of course the Drum Kits on the Sonic Cell are the better sounding drum kits compared to the Tyros' less than professional sounding kits are, so obviously I wanted to put my best drum kit sound louder in the mix. And the Sonic Cell sells for roughly 1/4 of the price the Tyros went for! I really hope Yamaha will give the Tyros3 not only 'new' drum kits as they stated, but more importantly "new and improved" drum kits. Hopefully when they said new they were really meaning to imply that they will indeed be new AND 'improved'? If somebody is willing to spend four grand on Yamaha's new totl flagship arranger keyboard, they should get totl professional drum kit sounds in it as well. >> I can hear everybody in the background saying to themselves "ain't that the truth".

Thanks to everyone who helped me test the service out. It seems that it will be acceptable until I can get another personal web site built.


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Posted by: tony mads usa

Re: Testing new service... :) - 06/11/08 09:32 PM

Mike ... real nice job ... if I heard a band like this "live", I would just figure it was the piano player's gig ...
Great stuff ...