Arrivederci Roma played on E50

Posted by: rbmusic

Arrivederci Roma played on E50 - 01/16/08 05:25 PM

I used the factory settings with no adjustments. I found the song settings in the music assistant. Upper1= folk violinvb and upper2= Italian Folk accordian.
I am still having a very hard time with these keys to control the expresion through the touch sensitivity.

Thanks for listening : Ray
Posted by: Dnj

Re: Arrivederci Roma played on E50 - 01/16/08 05:38 PM

Nice job Ray on some beautiful songs.....Maria Elena is one of my favorites also.... I didn't think the folk Violin was right for the lead....much more preferred the Accordion....also try Block Harmony Strings ensemble as a lush lead voice......thanx for sharing I wish more people here would share their work also...
Posted by: Diki

Re: Arrivederci Roma played on E50 - 01/16/08 05:44 PM

Both the lead sounds you used (accordion and violin) are sustaining sounds that real players vary the volume of over time on held notes. Perhaps you could lower the Key Touch (velocity sensitivity) to Medium if it is not there already, or even to LOW (but you'll probably need to dial down the Filter Cutoff a tad), and use an expression pedal (EV-5/7) to adjust volume during the note?

A lower Key Touch setting will even out your played notes, and the expression pedal can do the rest for you...
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Re: Arrivederci Roma played on E50 - 01/16/08 05:51 PM

Ray ... nice work ... I always enjoyed playing "Arrivederci Roma" on the accordion more than on the keyboard ... something about the expression provided by the movement of the bellows ... But that's just me ...

PS You've got mail ....

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