My dream came true

Posted by: Micco

My dream came true - 03/24/00 11:08 AM

I just wanted to tell you that my dream came
true last wednesday. I got my Yamaha PSR-9000
after waiting for it about three months. I am
very satisfied with it. My other choices where
X1 and KN6000. Soon I will also post my review
of the three keyboards but remember I am only
17 years old and my english is not very good.
I have one question and I am very pleased if
someone can answer to me. Soon I will install
64 mb of sample RAM and a hard disk to my
keyboard. My dealer offers my a 6 gb IBM hard
disk. Does it work with my keyboard? Is it
good hard disk?

Posted by: Clif Anderson

Re: My dream came true - 03/24/00 06:44 PM

Hi Michael

IBM makes good hard drives. However, the brand is not enough information to determine whether or not it will work. If possible, get your dealer to agree to take it back if it is not compatible with your keyboard.

Posted by: Stevizard2

Re: My dream came true - 03/27/00 04:33 AM


I'm really glad that the PSR-9000 is working out well for you. I love mine, too. Hard drives for the PSR-9000 can be tricky. Toshiba drives seem to work well. Remember, you MUST have a 2.5 inch drive (that's what fits in most notebook computers).

You can buy a 2.5" Toshiba 6 gig drive online at (that's where I got mine) for $152.00 plus shipping. However, you must have access to a notebook computer so you can partition and format the drive. If you do not have access to a notebook computer, then I would simply buy one from your music dealer to avoid problems.

Partitioning the drive: Boot the notebook computer with a Windows98 startup disk (boot disk), then type FDISK to start the partition software. Follow on screen prompts, its not hard. You'll need to make 3 partitions on a 6 gig drive. Then use the Format command to format each partition. Incidentally, be sure to label each partition when formatting the drives - the labels will appear on the PSR-9000's screen.
Posted by: Micco

Re: My dream came true - 03/28/00 03:21 AM

Hi Stevizard2 !!!!!!

Many people have been complaining about the
hard disks they have used in PSR-9000. I could
order the hard disk from the internet but the
problem is that I donīt have a PC notebook
computer. I have a Macintosh notebook. I think
I will buy the hard disk from my dealer. He
told me that it is possible try it and if it
doesnīt work I can give it back. He offers me
a 6 gb IBM hard disk and sayed that it work
well with PSR-9000. My dealer orderd the disk
from the import dealer and it is comeing soon
or later. I am waiting for it and also for the
64 mt of sampling RAM.

Posted by: Micco

Re: My dream came true - 04/05/00 02:15 AM

There are few questions that I forgot to ask
about PSR9000. Are there comeing any system
updates for the PSR9000 after the 2.0 like
2.1 or 3.0 or something in the future?

My second question is about the manuals. Is
there comeing a manual about the new 2.0 OS
from Yamaha? The Version 1 manual came with
the keyboard when is the 2.0 manual comeing
if it is comeing. From where can I get it?
Should I ask my dealer? I mean the manual
in english.

Has anyone of you heard anything about the
Pro version of PSR9000? I have heard that
it is the same as the standard PSR9000 but
without the (great) internal speakers and
with six octaves of keys.

Posted by: George Kaye

Re: My dream came true - 04/05/00 07:22 AM

Where are you hearing these rumors? There is no talk at all about a "pro version". What source are you hearing this from? Nobody would know yet if there will be a later version after 2.0, but first lets get 2.0 before we look for something else. Of course Yamaha will have documentation for the new features in 2.0. and yes you will find out about it from your dealer.
George Kaye
Posted by: DonM

Re: My dream came true - 04/05/00 09:43 AM

Wow, wouldn't it be great if they did do that pro version! I'd be first in line, and I haven't even received the "old" 9000 yet.
I wouldn't hold my breath though.
But, you know what, most of the new Yamaha gear I have heard about first in unfounded rumors. I think they do that on purpose sometimes. Then they announce it, print a bunch of hype about it, and sure enough, a year later, there it is.
Posted by: Clif Anderson

Re: My dream came true - 04/05/00 01:57 PM

I 2nd DonM's enthusiasm. Right now, I am thinking the PSR-9000 is not enough to make me upgrade my PSR-8000. But a really good 76-key (I guess) arranger might get my money, whether it is the PSR-9000Pro or the G-1200 (but it would at least need a vocalizer).

Posted by: Micco

Re: My dream came true - 04/06/00 05:08 AM

I heard the rumor about the PSR9000pro in the
unofficial PSR8000 site. It was one user who
was asking about it. Also in the PK Club there
was a question about the pro version. Our
dealer also mention about it.