PreAmp recommendation

Posted by: chony

PreAmp recommendation - 05/15/05 01:37 AM

I'm looking to buy a dedicated preamp for my recording setup. Right now I have my eyes on the dbx 386: I read a great review on it which gave it a great score:

Before I buy I just wanted to get the wise input of the wise men who frequent this forum

Once I'm at it, how about a recommendation for a good firewire digital audio interface for around $500. Is M-Audios 410 or 1814 any good? I have the omnistudio USB, but don't like it that much...

Thanks, Chony.

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Posted by: travlin'easy

Re: PreAmp recommendation - 05/15/05 06:33 AM


Sounds like a great pre-amp, lots of tunable features, but a heavy price tag. You can find a lot of the same features on many less expensive preamps and most likely achieve similar recording results. Take a look at the specs on the 6-channel Alesis which I purchased about a year ago. Lots of great features, built in effects, full stereo, and a great price.

Good luck and post some great music when you get that studio finished.

Posted by: chony

Re: PreAmp recommendation - 05/15/05 01:53 PM

Gary, I have a mixer with preamps as well as an audio interface. However I'm looking for a professional and dedicated preamp that will give me warmth and very low noise. $500 is generally the starting range for something decent...
Posted by: Scott Langholff

Re: PreAmp recommendation - 05/15/05 06:56 PM

Depends how you want to use it. I have a Behringer UB802, bought it for a discounted price or $41. Does more than I'll need. The main thing I wanted however was a couple stereo channels.