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Posted by: Micco

Laptop PC - 08/19/03 10:57 PM

Two days ago I bought my first PC ever. I have used Mac since I was nine years old. That is 11 years by now. I had to buy a PC because I could not do some important things on TYROS with Mac (like update the OS very easy, use the Sound Editor software etc.)

I bought a new HP Pavilion 4400 laptop. There was a very good offer on a computer shop very close to our house. First I was looking for a used laptop, but I could not find any good one. All the second hand laptops that where on the market where very poor or too expensive. With the same money I was able to get a new better model.

I havenīt used the TYROS with my new PC yet, but I will and very soon. This is mostly the only reason why I bought a PC. Otherwise I will stay with Mac, because it is so much better. It is much more user friendly and much more stable. So my opinion is that PC is very poor compared to Mac, but I must say that even PC had become a good machine with Windows XP. This means that I will use it every time I need a laptop. For example if I want to record a live gig. I can take my laptop, Mbox and some mics with me and record the gig. But, still PC will never ever replace Mac. NEVER EVER.

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Re: Laptop PC - 08/19/03 11:12 PM

"Never Say Never"
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Re: Laptop PC - 08/20/03 01:44 PM

I understand you love you Mac, but marketing types will always go with the major votes. New software will be developed for the PC first (as you have experienced the hard way). Ditto for hardware. Support knowledge is also lacking. When someone called for support on their Mac here, no one in the office knew how to help him. We're al PC DOS, Windows, Linux/Unix techs. What did you think of your Mac when you were forced to buy a PC?
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Re: Laptop PC - 08/21/03 05:21 AM

Some important music software doesn't run on the Mac. I'm a heavy user of XGworks and Cakewalk on my laptop in conjunction with my 740 and these programs won't be running on the Mac any time soon.

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Re: Laptop PC - 08/21/03 05:56 AM

If you are not devout logic, digital performer, final cut pro, forget the MAC.

That sums it up. However, if you are into these things, MAC is the only way to go.

It seems to me that the only way Apple can survive is by aquiring multimedia software companies and converting their products to MAC only. Final Cut Pro and Logic were also on the PC before they were cancelled.

On different note, I heard Sonar 3 is coming. I hope that Cubase will continue to beat it.
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Re: Laptop PC - 08/21/03 12:00 PM

First of all, Final Cut Pro is Apples own software. It has never ever been converted for PC. Logic was also a PC software before, but not anymore. I have some friends that where PC users. They said that PC is the best and so on. Now they where forced buy a Mac so they did buy a Mac. I asked their opinion about Mac and they all said that the quality of their life is much better now. Macs are so much more user friendly, more stable and so on. They also said that they should had bought Macs form the beginning.

I donīt understand why people are so negative about Macs. The only thing I canīt do with Mac is to use it with TYROS. For Mac there is only File Utility and the possibility to update the OS with 14 floppy disks. For PC there is also the Voice Utility and a very handy OS updater (no need for 14 floppy disks). Those are the only reasons why I have a PC. I am going to use it for other things also (because it is a laptop), but I will use Mac every time I can. For me it is so much better.

I have used my PC for a few days now and allready I donīt like it so much. Windows XP is eXtra Pain. Mac OS 10.2 is the best for me. I could write a book about the things why I prefer Mac over the PC, but I am not going to do that.

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Re: Laptop PC - 08/21/03 01:04 PM


Don't work yourself up about why you don't like the PC. You have purchased the your PC for a reason - beacuse in real world there are plenty of things which a PC can do while a Mac can not (mainly for the lack of appropriate software). The few things which Mac can do, it can admittedly do quite well; however, friends of mine who tried using Macs were complaining about as many unrecoverable crashes as they had on their Windows 98 PCs. Since Macs make up less than 5% of the worldwide personal computers, it is little wonder that there are plenty of programs and peripherals which are developed for the PCs and not for the Macs.

If you can do what you need to with the Mac, by all means, use it. If you have to switch to a PC - don't whine, remember that it is a tool to get the job done. While latest releases of Windows are quite stable and user-friendly, undoubtedly, there will still be an adjustment for you. Think of it as a learning curve to get proficient in using your musical setup - your ability to use a wealth of programs which you never knew existed will be an added bonus.

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Re: Laptop PC - 08/23/03 09:00 AM

I wasn't being negative about MACs. I must agree they are a superior machine to PCs. However the superior technology doesn't always win out, and that's too bad.
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Re: Laptop PC - 08/24/03 12:18 AM

...and the Betamax was superior to VHS. Where are they now??????