Posted by: Jick Duck

X4 - 04/23/00 02:25 AM

Does anyone have any info on the x4 module? I heard that it was going to be anounced at the show in Frankfurt.

Posted by: George Kaye

Re: X4 - 04/23/00 09:18 AM

It was shown and announced at the NAMM show in February. We have all ordered this new module from Solton and are awaiting delivery which should begin in May. There are several models being offered. The basic model has the floppy drive only. Next you can get it with a hard drive.
The third is with only the vocal harmonizer and no hard drive. The fourth and most popular I think will be with the works, a hard drive and the vocal harmonizer. Prices will range from a Retail of approx. $2495.00 and go up to approx. $3000.00. All features of the X1 are included.
George Kaye
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Posted by: Jick Duck

Re: X4 - 04/23/00 11:22 AM

Thanx, You'r such a nice guy, George.
When I called Solton in the USA (about 3 weeks ago) they told me that it is not available at all yet in the USA. They told me about April-May time.
Posted by: Stevizard

Re: X4 - 04/24/00 05:02 AM

What is the X4? Is it an add-on for the X1 or is it an entirely new keyboard that's a step up on the X1?
Posted by: Melto

Re: X4 - 04/24/00 08:22 AM

Hi Stevizard,

Check out the specs at:


Posted by: Stevizard

Re: X4 - 04/25/00 04:35 AM

Thanks Melto, the X4 looks like a great unit to add onto an existing system.