Roland E-600

Posted by: JMPCPA

Roland E-600 - 09/24/00 03:35 PM

A local Roland dealer is trying to sell me an E-600. He claims it is Rolands best arranger keyboard. I anyone familiar with the the E-600? What is a fair price for the keyboard? How does it compare with a PSR9000, VA7, and X-1? Thanks. In Northeast Ohio, there are not any music stores that carry high-end arranger keyboards.
Posted by: Les Swartz

Re: Roland E-600 - 09/24/00 08:06 PM

I think your dealer is misleading you. The tones just aren't there. I had one which my boy inherited. He plays it much less than his PSR-740. It does not, in my opinion, match up with the X1 or KN6000, which I and my wife have, nor the G-1000 which I have used. If at all possible, before you decide play one of the others so you can make your choice based on your ears. Perhaps someone in the forum is near your area who can help you.
Posted by: Clif Anderson

Re: Roland E-600 - 09/25/00 03:14 AM

The E-600 is not the Roland top of the line. That title goes to the VA-7, although the G-1000 and E-2000 have some bragging rights in this area. However, I believe that the E-600 is probably a good keyboard and it is the one portable Roland with a vocal harmonizer.

As far as price goes, I would prefer a Yamaha PSR-740, which can be had for about $1000. So the E-600 is worth somewhat less. If you do not care about the vocal harmonizer, the E-600 is worth cosiderably less, more like a Yamaha PSR-640. However, many people like Roland styles and sounds better than Yamaha. The E-600 might be a great keyboard for you. But I do not see how it can be considered objectively as Roland's best keyboard.
Posted by: Fran Carango

Re: Roland E-600 - 09/25/00 06:45 AM

The E-600 was considered the top of the line portable arranger before the VA series, only in the home piano division {CK}, not the PRO division[MI}..Fran

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Posted by: Ilija Petkovski

Re: Roland E-600 - 09/25/00 09:53 AM

Well about the E-600, it definitly is a good machine, like good Roland tradition. Only now it's too old. So it is not a bad choice to buy it, but DO NOT pay more than $750 for it !!

Posted by: Dnj

Re: Roland E-600 - 09/25/00 03:58 PM

amazing as it seems a dealer in my area wanted $1999.00 for the E600. Not a bad rig but definitly overpriced at this time with new units on the way to the market.
Posted by: vic83

Re: Roland E-600 - 09/25/00 05:49 PM

hi guys,
could some one tell me what's the Names of all the drums (the 12 ones)inside the E-600?

thanks so much for help
Posted by: Ilija Petkovski

Re: Roland E-600 - 09/26/00 12:48 PM


hahah there are American USD $ and Australian DOllars !!!

Maybe that's the reason?
If you're dealer is asking $1999 for a Roland E600 he should let his head be checked!

Posted by: Dnj

Re: Roland E-600 - 09/26/00 04:55 PM

hey Ilija,

I couldn't believe it myself, man are people getting ripped off in some music stores. It's sad!

Posted by: George Kaye

Re: Roland E-600 - 09/26/00 10:24 PM

As a keyboard dealer in California, I have to tell you that the E 600 is still being sold here in the US. It is not a discontinued model and although I don't like it very much because I've never liked the E500 or E600 interface, it would not be anywhere priced around $750.00 as one of our members suggests. As I've stated before, there are no retail prices for C/K division keyboards. Because of this the prices can vary a lot but given the dealer cost of the E600, I would suggest that around $2000.00 would be correct. I just recieved my first VA 5 keyboards, which are very much like the VA7 but without the zip drive, no aftertouch, no variphrase tecnology and no ribbon controller. These will be selling for around $2500.00 and in my opinion, because they have the same sounds as the VA7, should do quite well for those of you wanting terrific sounds and very good styles.
I would also suggest to the member who is looking at the E 600 to check out how reasonably you could by the EM2000 right now while there are still some left. If you are interested in buying one or finding out more you can contact me through email or at my store.
George kaye
Kaye's Music Scene
Reseda, Ca.