psr2000 to psr3000

Posted by: bruno123

psr2000 to psr3000 - 04/22/05 07:23 PM

I have a friend who just bought a Psr3000. Can he transfer all his work from the Music finder of the Psr2000 to the Music Finder in the Psr3000?

If so. how?

Thanks for any help, John C.
Posted by: Scottyee

Re: psr2000 to psr3000 - 04/22/05 08:44 PM

Hi John . Yep, a PSR2000 created MFD file is not automatically recognized by the PSR3000. Part of the reason is that many PSR3000 styles & sounds (voices), as well as the names given them, are different than on the PSR2000.

Fortunately, using Michael Bedesem's excellent (and FREE to boot) "MusicFinder View" utility software, your friend's PSR2000 MFD file can be CONVERTED so it will be recognized and loaded into his new PSR3000 keyboard. You can download the program HERE:

Many thanks from the bottom of my heart to Michael for his continuing generous work & support he's given to us, the Yamaha USER community.

Posted by: Michael P. Bedesem

Re: psr2000 to psr3000 - 04/23/05 04:00 PM

Thank you Scott. Your words are appreciated.


Posted by: bruno123

Re: psr2000 to psr3000 - 04/24/05 04:45 AM

One more time, Thank you Scott --- If you decide to run for office, count on my vote.

Thanks Scott, John C.