for Marek

Posted by: Ilija Petkovski

for Marek - 12/12/00 09:28 AM

I saw you have a Behringer mixer. I know the mixer, but I dont know for sure if it is a Behringer, but if its not a behringer the story is the same:

That mixes is VERY cheap but also VERY bad.

A lot of whisper and bad controller jacks.
Do you have the same problem??

Posted by: Paul Ip

Re: for Marek - 12/12/00 11:34 AM


Good observation. I also noticed that Marek has a Behringer M802A mixer (I hope I recognised the right make). I do not own M802A, but I use a Behringer MX1804X (larger model with built-in effects and EQ) for connection my PCs and AV/multimedia equipment in my multimedia room. Overall the quality is not too bad, it is definitely not as quiet as Mackie CR-1604 VLZ that I use for keyboard/PA connections, but the Behringer MX1804X is decent and feature-rich for the low price (less than US$400) and very useful tool to me. My Behringer mixer has none of the problems that you mentioned through daily usage. I have not tested M802A and thus I cannot comment whether it is bad or not, but I have used Behringer Composer and its MX-1804X mixer and the quality is not bad at all. I know that some of the Behringer products are now manufactured in Mainland China and thus a bad association with quality in mind.

Paul Ip
from Texas