PSR2000's AC power adapter

Posted by: chrisoares

PSR2000's AC power adapter - 01/03/02 02:54 PM

I'll buy the PSR 2000 tomorrow and here in Brazil it doesn't come with an AC adapter.I'd like to know the specifications of this adapter like ampage...
thank you very much,
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Re: PSR2000's AC power adapter - 01/03/02 03:01 PM

Are you sure it doesn't come with the adapter? Maybe your salesman is wrong. Ask him to look in the box. There should be a fold in the box cover where the adapter is. I wouldn't try anything but the real adapter - PA 300.

Posted by: chrisoares

Re: PSR2000's AC power adapter - 01/03/02 03:24 PM

I'm sure it doesn't come with the adapter...
Posted by: ChicoBrasil

Re: PSR2000's AC power adapter - 01/03/02 10:18 PM

Hi Chris.

You must to contact
I am sure that George Kaye can help you.

My best regards,
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Re: PSR2000's AC power adapter - 01/04/02 12:44 PM

Hi Chris,
I looked thru. the web,& everywhere I looked the Pwr adapter is furnished. So there's no spec's on it. I've been on this forum almost every day with people all over the world that have bought the PRS-2000, your the the first one I know of who didn't get a power supply with your set. Compared to the PC-5 &
PC-6 they are very small & very lite. They're About as wide maybe a little wider,than the PC5/6 but they're only about an inch think. Like someone said it was in a very small fold in the box with the AC & DC Wire done up in ptastic.
Did they open it at the store or did you open it at home. I still believe you should have got one with the board!
My advice would use only the correct Power Supply! But here's the spec's from my pwr. supply!

AC Pwr. Adapter Model PA-300
Input: 100-240V 50/60 Hz ~ 45W
Output: DC 16V 2.4W
Polarity: Center---+++ Pos.

Man I hope you get you a pwr. Sup. soon!
That would be terrible to have a new board and no way to play it.
All the best,

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