Solton X1 Recreating styles and Trade

Posted by: DanO1

Solton X1 Recreating styles and Trade - 12/11/00 07:55 PM

Hello to All,
I have recently been playing around with recreating styles with my X1 keyboard . Mixing parts of one style ( patterns ) with other parts is pretty interesting. How many X1 owners are recreating styles to make new styles ? If you are ???? Can we trade ideas ?? Let Me Thanks, Dan o
Posted by: Dnj

Re: Solton X1 Recreating styles and Trade - 12/11/00 08:36 PM

hi dan,

Sounds very interesting. I saw this technic on your great X1 video. I am just too busy performing this month to get into copy and pasting different parts into styles, but I will surly be doing it asap next month when I have more time on my hands. So far in 2 months the Solton X1 is making me a very happy camper on stage every night. I have used alot of keyboards, but this baby sounds simply AWESOME! I have been doing gigs for 500 people in very large rooms this month and thru my sound system, with your eyes closed you'd swear theres a ten piece band playing, the drums and styles are stunning!!

Dan can you eleaborate a little on what you have done so far with the X1 ?

Donny NJ