Yamaha "Pro" through Hi-Fi Speakers?

Posted by: Jupiter5

Yamaha "Pro" through Hi-Fi Speakers? - 12/12/00 12:56 PM

How would the Yamaha PSR pro (76 key version) sound through a conventional hi-fi system? - I ask this, because I have a 100 watt RMS Stereo HI-FI system at home, and wouldn't be able to afford a complete PA set up for many hundreds of $$$. (Pounds in my case!) If I brought a Yamaha pro,(which I could afford at 2,499...the price in England) and got it home - and it sounded terrible, that I would regret!. My system is loud at 100 watts, but would it be able to handle the bass/Treble frequencies etc. Loud doesn't necessarilly mean good quality does it?

Does anyone else use normal Stereo HI-Fi systems to amplify their keyboards?

Sorry if this kind of question has been asked before.

Thanks in advance.
Posted by: Paul Ip

Re: Yamaha "Pro" through Hi-Fi Speakers? - 12/12/00 01:42 PM

It is not uncommon for keyboard players to start with home Hi-Fi system for their keyboard amplification needs although over time most keyboard players will use keyboard amps, near field monitors or PA systems. The main reason is that the dynamic range of keyboard sounds easily exceeds the dynamic range of home Hi-Fi systems and if the volume of Hi-Fi system is set high your keyboard may blow out your Hi-Fi amp or speakers. Usually the output signal levels of pro keyboards are much hotter than home Hi-Fi equipment, so if you pay attention to your Hi-Fi system volume setting so as not to overload it, you should still be able to enjoy your 9000 Pro at home with your existing Hi-Fi equipment. Keyboard amps or PA systems sound different though since they are designed to work with instrument amplification, they are much louder, clearer, and able to handle much wider dynamic range of music (but not as delicate sounding as home Hi-Fi usually). Since recorded materials like CDs, DVDs have been processed (compressed/limited) to fit into the dynamic range that home Hi-Fi system can handle, they usually sound great. If you do not have compressor/limiter, you will have to take extra care not to overload your Hi-Fi equipment. Otherwise, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy your own music through your Hi-Fi system for now. When you save enough money to buy proper instrument amplification, I recommend you get separate keyboard amps/PA system setup for proper match of equipment in long run.

Paul Ip
from Texas
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Re: Yamaha "Pro" through Hi-Fi Speakers? - 12/12/00 01:47 PM

My PSR9000 sounds great through my home stereo system. Just be carefull not to overload it and blow your speakers through the ceiling!
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Re: Yamaha "Pro" through Hi-Fi Speakers? - 12/12/00 04:35 PM

I have an old PSR-510 that I use some.
I have been known to power it up with a larg RCA boom box. It has bass boost. Sounds pretty good. I've taken it to rest homes and small rooms. the speakers seperate, I set them on top of the enternal speakers and turn them towards the audience. My wife and I
sing thru a very good karaoke. I have larger much heavier Peavey four Chan. powered head & two large speakers. For larger gigs.
Hard on my old back!!
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Re: Yamaha "Pro" through Hi-Fi Speakers? - 12/12/00 07:23 PM

When I play, or practice at home with my wife, I use a little Aiwa compact system. It has 60W X 2. For us it is plenty of amplification and sounds pretty good, especially at lower volume. We also sing through it, but I also have to agree, that you have to be careful not to blow out your amp. or speakers. I turn it up a little more than half. Loud enough for us and save for the system.
Have fun,
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Re: Yamaha "Pro" through Hi-Fi Speakers? - 12/12/00 11:13 PM

Nobby, I have several styles I created for the 510. One is an old-time country shuffle, one is a country two-step with walking bass, one is a country waltz and one is rock and roll. If you're interested in them, send me an email and I'll give them to you. I have them on Alesis Datadisc, but can transfer them to the computer I think.
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Re: Yamaha "Pro" through Hi-Fi Speakers? - 12/13/00 09:25 AM

Thanks for the info Paul, and the rest of you knowledgable guys

My intention is not to play it loud - but to have a nice, warm, "full" sound. The ammount of volume is unimportant to me, just a good quality sound, set at a level to entertain the family (in a Room 15 Foot Square BTW! - not talking Albert hall here!) so my 100 watt rms should be enough then?

(watch out for systems that claim to have 200 (for example) watts output - only to find out it is really a Quarter of that - it comes under the name of PMPO (I think), and a "100" watt system would be only 25 - 12.5 per channel! RMS is what I use anyway.!

Posted by: Paul Ip

Re: Yamaha "Pro" through Hi-Fi Speakers? - 12/13/00 12:32 PM


Assuming you have a pair of efficient speakers, you have more than enough loudness for 100 W RMS.

The volume of sound/music produced by a sound system does not depend on raw wattage, it also depends on the sensitivity of the speakers. If the sensitivity of a pair of speakers is at, say, 91dB/1W 1m. With 100 WRMS, its maximum loudness should be around 112dB (with twice the wattage, there is 3dB increase in loudness). However, if your pair of speakers' sensitivity is 85dB/1W 1m (most European made sweet sounding speakers are usually less efficient but more pleasing sounding), with 100 WRMS the maximum loudness is about 106dB, only one fourth the sound of the first pair of speakers. Most people are very comfortable using 1 to 2 Watts of power when listening to light music (around 90dB). I consider 100dB to be more than I can tolerate for music listening anyway. So you should not have problems with your 100 WRMS Hi-Fi setup at home for keyboard amplification if you set the volume knob to no more than 12 o'clock position to avoid accidental overloading.

Paul Ip
from Texas